12.08.2015 Articles

Are you looking to add a little pizzazz to your retail space this holiday season? Cash wrap displays are an easy way to class up any store, and make customer check-outs more memorable. If you’re looking for a way to make your retail environment more festive this season, here are three tips for incorporating cash wrap displays into your holiday decorating plan.

1. Make it a wrapping station.

Incorporate both traditional bagging as well as holiday gift wrapping options as part of your check-out experience. Due to their movability, cash wrap stations can easily be used as a literal gift-wrapping station. If your cash wrap station is long enough, you may even keep both your cash register and your gift-wrapping station together. Accentuate the service with festive displays, such as wrapping paper, fancy pre-wrapped gift boxes as decorations, and of course, a sign showcasing your gift-wrap offers.

2. Use it to show off holiday products.

If your cash wrap contains retail fixtures, such as shelving, use this as an opportunity to show off some new holiday products. Showcase new products or items perfect for gifts, and set them up on the shelves next to glittery decorations and faux snow. Customers will be captivated by your seasonal gift recommendations, which will increase impulse buys.

3. Decorate your cash wrap display.

Take this opportunity to hang wreaths, garland and bows, or simply dress the station up as one giant present. Use foil wrapping paper across the length of the station and add a corresponding color in smaller strips to appear like “criss-crossed” ribbons. Finish off with a giant, oversized bow in the middle and you’ve got yourself an easy, festive cash station.

There you have it: three simple ways to incorporate cash wraps into your holiday décor plans without breaking the bank, or a sweat!