7 Secrets of Retail Marketing to Optimizing Your Space

11.04.2015 Articles

Retail marketing can seem like a simple endeavor. Just put your products in front of consumers and they’ll buy them if they like them, right?

The truth is, one of the largest factors in retail marketing is human psychology. Selling the right products is important, but understanding how people think is also crucial to moving merchandise. By understanding the thought processes that people use when they shop, store owners can more easily direct people to the products they want to sell by improving their retail interior.

Retail Marketing Space Secrets

  1. Choose The Right Side – As a quirk of most people being right handed, many prefer the right side in many aspects of life. People will turn right more often than left when entering a store, and are more likely to reach for things with their right hand.
  2. Have A Seat – Many people shop in groups. If only one person is actively looking at merchandise, a chair will keep those that are uninterested comfortable while purchases are made.
  3. Fear The Butt Brush – Believe it or not, the butt brush is real and it can hurt a business’ bottom line. Research has shown that people don’t like when their rear quarters are touched when they’re not expecting it. If aisles are too close, butt brushes could arise which would make people uncomfortable.
  4. People Are Touchy-Feely – When shopping, consumers are more likely to buy a product if they can actually pick it up and feel it. A shirt may look great, but people want to see how it will feel on their skin.
  5. Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall – Set up a mirror and wait. Since everyone is at least a little vain, people will walk a little slower when crossing in front of a mirror. Products by mirrors sell better because of this.
  6. Building A Bargain – By selling items together, consumers think they’re getting a deal even if there’s not a sale going on. 2 for $10 looks like a better deal than 1 for $5 no matter what the product is.
  7. Dress Up Your Dressing Room – A finely constructed dressing room will pay for itself very quickly. It should create a welcoming environment that encourages trying on multiple sets of clothes. People will be more likely to buy clothes if they know they will look good in the clothes. The right dressing room will help your customers look good in their clothes.

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By learning these simple secrets, retailers can greatly increase their sales and make happier customers. Contact BDS today if you want to learn more ways to boost sales and improve your retail store displays.