End Cap Displays: Benefits of this Prime Piece of Retail Real Estate

06.20.2016 Articles

Retail displays come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own list of benefits that brands should consider when planning their merchandising sets. In this article, we are focusing on one type of retail display: the end cap. This prime piece of retail real estate offers many benefits to brands looking to capitalize on shoppers’ impulse buys, or to increase brand recognition. These displays are found at either end of many retail store aisles, or at the end of long shelving fixtures known as gondolas.

End cap displays typically consist of three sections – a top, middle/core, and bottom:


The top section is reserved for signage and establishes a “theme” for the display. This area is used to draw customers’ attention to the product and let them know the value proposition, whether the item is on sale or there’s simply a specialty/seasonal offering that is only available for a limited time.


The middle of the display should be set up for interaction with the product that the brand is promoting. This is the place to offer samples, allow customers to engage with the product, and make the product’s features stand out.


The bottom of the display is where the extra product should be stocked and easily available for customers to pick up for purchase. While you want inventory to be plentiful enough that it doesn’t run out between restocking, it should not look too crowded or appear as if no one has purchased the product.

How should you utilize end cap displays?

  • Highlight a featured or seasonal product

End caps offer the perfect opportunity for you to showcase specialty items that might otherwise get lost on the shelf with everyday products. These displays are prime real estate within a retail store and can help boost sales, move inventory, and promote seasonal offerings.

  • Encourage shoppers to browse the adjacent aisle

If there is any way to catch the eye of shoppers who usually only shop the perimeter of the store, it’s through the use of end cap displays. They help catch passerby shoppers, and can encourage them to explore similar products in the adjacent aisles of the display.

  • Capitalize on impulse purchases

There’s something about a creative display set apart from the rest of the products in a store aisle that makes it easier for shoppers to say “yes” to your offering. Many end cap displays owe their success to the impulse purchases of shoppers whose attention was caught at the last minute.

  • Increase brand recognition

Seeing your brand’s product on display, without the distraction of other competing brands right beside it, helps with brand recognition and retention. It sets your brand apart from others in the same category, and makes it easier for shoppers to choose your product.

If you are looking to try something different at retail that will catch the eye of shoppers, increase brand visibility and recognition, and encourage last minute impulse buys, end cap displays are a great option for your brand.

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