Anna C.

Solutions Development Associate
06.21.2019 BDSer Spotlights

This month’s Employee Spotlight features our Solutions Development Associate and loyal BDSer since 2014Anna C.She supports our Sales teammaking sure everything runs effectively in support of business strategies and objectives. Read on to learn more about Anna, her favorite hobbies, what advice she would give to a client or brand, and how she describes retail now. 

Q:  Tell us about your current role/responsibilities here at BDSmktg 

A:  I work on the business development side at BDS. I work with the Sales team and Client Service VPs to secure new business/clients. What that looks like is collaborating with different departments (Business Intelligence, Operations, Marketing) to determine the strategy, build the coverage, and design a proposal/presentation. 

Q:  How would you describe retail now? How has it changed? 

A:  In 2019 – retail stores represent an experience, retail transactions can occur anywhere and everywhere, and those whom want to succeed in retail has the flexibility and willingness to change. Retail is the result of adopted behavior influenced by brands and companies that provide a compelling story; a rationalization that resonates. They (the companies) try to define what “better” is and we (the consumers) either validate or disregard it. Retail changes whenever we choose to validate – thus adopting the new behavior. 

Q: What inspires you to create interesting and exciting programs for clients? 

A: When my client and/or brand sees beyond the next three steps. Painting the picture of the future – that excites me. That makes me want the client to win. 

Q:  What advice would you give a client or brand if they wanted to try something new or innovative at retail? 

A:  New and innovative doesn’t always mean better. Consumers are smart; gimmicks are short-lived. Make your product sustainable. The longer the life, the better the story. Invest in the product and then tell a story worth hearing. 

Q:  Our BDS values are Achievement, Agility and Authenticity, which one do you feel describes you? Why? 

A: Authenticity is the value I try to embody the most. I would rather be a little slower and accomplish far less if it meant that the product of my work is real and worth showing. 

Q:  Outside of work, do you have any interests or hobbies? 

A:  Throwing my body at the elements is a passion of mine. On the weekends, I am either rock climbing, hiking, attempting to surf, or attempting to ski. 

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