BDSmktg Employee of the Year Awards 2018

01.17.2019 Articles
By Eileen Ortega, Marketing Specialist

Here at BDSmktg, we constantly apply our values of Authenticity, Agility, and Achievement in the way we work on a daily basis, and we have employees who truly know what it means to live and breathe by those values. On December 7th during our annual corporate Christmas party, we acknowledged five talented BDSers who embody those core values in their work day to day. We wanted to take this opportunity to recognize and congratulate all the award winners for all of their hard work, effort, and dedication in 2018!

Field Dedicated – Employee of the Year  

David W., Market Development Manager  

David consistently demonstrates strong leadership skills and has shown unparalleled knowledge of his client’s business. In addition to this, David regularly volunteers for additional assignments to coach and train new employees. His dedication, ability to inspire and his enthusiasm for stepping in when needed make him a valuable team player. We look forward to seeing his continued success in 2019. Congratulations, David!  

Field Merchandising – Employee of the Year  

Keith Q., Market Lead  

Keith’s attention to detail and relentless attitude for perfection in his stores helps us meet the expectations of the client. In addition to his strong work ethic, Keith has also taken on an active leadership role in communicating and building relationships with local client contacts. We recognize him for his tenacity, hard work, and ability to get the job done. We are excited to see him continue to excel into the new year. Great job, Keith! 

Corporate – Employee of the Year  

Kristine T., Senior Human Resources Manager  

Kristine is often referred to as the anchor that holds the department together. Not only is she committed to excellence within her field, but her participation and leadership on various committees helps drive the overall conscience and culture within BDS. She can always be relied upon to jump in the trenches when needed and has been a guiding force for so many people within the business. Congratulations, Kristine!  

The Bulldog Award 

The Bulldog Award is awarded annually to an employee that demonstrates a remarkable ability to “get it done”.   

Patti B., Client Service Director 

Patti’s relentless drive for operational excellence, despite her increasing workload make her a valuable contributor to the team and BDS. She never hesitates to step up and has volunteered on numerous occasions to take on additional responsibilities. We recognize her for her dedication, her leadership, her can do attitude, and her ability to “get it done”. We look forward to seeing her continue to push the limits in 2019. Great job, Patti!   

Founders’ Award 

The Founders’ Award honors our founder, Mark Dean, by recognizing the individual who best embodies the spirit, values, and ethical standards that Mark started the company on.  

John B., Client Service Director  

John’s ability to manage and stay on top of everchanging client needs is tremendous. Not only has John achieved another year of solid growth in his portfolio of clients, but he has also taken on a direct selling role with them. John practices the BDS values of agility, authenticity and achievement every day. He is consistently recognized throughout the business for his authenticity and makes everyone he interacts with feel great. Congratulations, John! 

Congratulations to all the winners of our annual Employee Awards! Interested in joining us and helping us make 2019 another excellent year? Feel free to check out our Careers Page and be part of our amazing team!   

By Eileen Ortega, Marketing Specialist │