Sean F.

Client Service Director
03.22.2016 BDSer Spotlights

This month’s Employee Spotlight features Sean F., one of our awesome Client Service Directors. As a BDSer for over two years, Sean embodies the BDS culture with his professionalism, amicability, and of course, his unparalleled sense of humor. He is passionate about achieving clients’ goals and articulating strategy and tactics that contribute to everyone’s successes, big or small. Outside of work, Sean has endearing stories about his beautiful baby daughter, and his adorable puppy Lulu.

Q: What is your favorite band?

A: Martin Sexton. Just a one-man band, but someone who can fill a venue with just his guitar and vocals. You never hear the same rendition of the song twice at his concerts, and they are always great. My wife, Sam, and I used his song “Happy” as our first dance song at our wedding.

Q: Do you sing and dance while no one is watching?

A: Yes, but it’s a lot more fun to do it in public, like in a grocery store where you can embarrass those around you who don’t give into those kinds of impulses.

Q: If Mark Dean came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for him?

A: If I knew he was coming, I would ask what wine he was bringing so I could pair it with the correct taco from Baja Fish Tacos. If he showed up unannounced, he would most likely get something random like, but not necessarily, chicken and veggies with a baked sweet potato.

Keep an eye out for more Employee Spotlights in the future! Interested in becoming a BDSer yourself? Check out our Careers Page for the latest job openings.