Best LinkedIn Practices

02.13.2017 Articles

LinkedIn is often your first impression for most of your professional connections. The world’s largest professional network has over 467 million users spread out in 200 countries and territories, with 128 million of those users are in the United States alone! So how do you make sure that your first impression will be a memorable one? Check out our list of best practices below that will ensure your LinkedIn profile stands out.

Your Profile Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words 

Make sure that your photo is professional. Get serious about your profile picture and make sure that you looked put together and polished. Choose a recent photo of yourself in high resolution. This isn’t Facebook, so put away those pictures of you with your dog or any selfies with friends, and choose a picture that portrays you in a professional manner. If your company holds corporate photo shoots, don’t be afraid to take advantage of it! Statistics even show that adding a profile picture can result in 21 times more profile views than someone without one.

The Headline Says It All 

Brand your professional headline and have information included that are designed to encourage your potential visitors to find out more about you. Make those headlines catchy and don’t be afraid to incorporate your personality and accomplishments. After all, you are selling yourself and your headline appears when someone searches for your LinkedIn profile. Also, consider adding the industry you work for into your profile. Studies have shown that adding a specific industry could get you 15 times more profile views.

Provide a Quick Snapshot 

Writing a short summary of 40 words or more makes you more likely to turn up in a future connection’s search, especially when you include specific keywords and details in your summary. Look at the top results of keywords and notice the location and frequency of keywords in other people’s summaries. This will help you determine how often to mention certain keywords to make sure your profile appears more frequently. Also, don’t be afraid to show some personality! If you’re funny, be funny; but always remember to keep it professional.

Precision Matters 

Be precise and don’t slack on the detail! Make sure that your summary includes plenty of information. Also, check to see if you have details about at least three of your most recent positions. By being precise, you will better align with your industry and be found by the right people.

Show Your Skills 

Be sure to include at least five of your most relevant skills and reorder them to place the more important ones at the top. These skills can be confirmed and verified by others as well through endorsements – the more endorsements you have, the higher you will rank in search results. Statistics show that members who include five or more skills are contacted by up to 33 times more by LinkedIn Members and gain up to 17 times more profile views.

Just Keep Posting 

On LinkedIn, it is important to get noticed, so staying active on the site is a necessity. Updating your status and sharing articles regularly are some great ways to stay consistent on the site and can also be a great opportunity to showcase your professional knowledge. When sharing articles, be sure to share thoughtful and insightful news within your industry. Need a good source of industry articles to read and share? Check out BDSmktg’s Company Page on LinkedIn!

Show & Tell  

Increase your profile’s visual appeal by showcasing examples of your work such as YouTube/Vimeo videos, PowerPoint presentations, documents, etc. By adding projects, test scores, courses, patents, certifications, and volunteering activities, this will ensure that you have a well-rounded, complete page. You can also add a background photo to make your profile stand out even more, but be sure to follow LinkedIn’s background image requirements.

Groups Are Great 

Make sure to join relevant groups. Since group names are featured on your profile, they can be scanned by search engines and can help increase your profile rank. Once you’re in a group, remember to participate in it regularly! Joining a group allows others to contact you using the Group Messaging feature, leading to more connections! 81% of LinkedIn users are part of at least one group. Your profile is 5 times more likely to be viewed if you join and are active within these groups.

Volunteer Your Time 

It is important not to brush off volunteer work because it can be just as important as work experience! It was found that 42% of hiring managers surveyed said that they view volunteer experience as equivalent to formal work experience, so be proud of your volunteer work and list your experiences under the Volunteer section in your LinkedIn Profile.

Educate Your Audience 

When writing about your education, be specific, as it is an area of your profile that gets noticed. Include your honors, awards, extra-curricular activities, interesting projects, and other highlights of your academic career. Members who have a detailed education section on their profile receive an average of 10 times more profile views than those who don’t!

Get in Contact 

Make sure that you include your contact information. Provide your email address and/or links to social media sites (if you feel as if it is appropriate for professional viewing). Aside from the contact information section in your profile, you can also add your information in other sections such as your summary or interests. Potential connections may attempt reach out to you through the contact information that is posted on your LinkedIn profile, so ensure that your information is up to date!

Connections That Count 

Follow companies that you may want to connect with in the future, and be sure to actively explore their profile. To show up on more LinkedIn searches, make sure you are continuously adding new connections. You can also be asked to be introduced to other professionals through a mutual connection. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances from your past for recommendations and endorsements. A few genuine recommendations can go a long way to help establish your credibility – but you have to ask for them!

Have any best practices that we missed? Contact us and let us know some of your tips that makes your LinkedIn profile stand out!