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Earn extra cash and free swag by promoting the brands you already love on social media!

A company is only as good as its people, and we know our people are top notch. From the work you do, to the things that make you unique outside of BDS, our BDSers are some of the most influential people out there.

Whether you’re an outdoor explorer, audiophile, photographer, home chef, musician, extreme crafter, parent, or something else entirely, you’re invited to be part of our exclusive community of lifestyle experts and brand advocates called Brandfluencers™!

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Here’s What We’re Looking For

Nobody knows how to engage an audience, connect with customers, and be the expert in the room better than our BDS employees. They’re real people with real connections and real influence.

That’s why we want you to become a Brandfluencer™.

  • Are you active on social media?
  • Do you enjoy discovering new brands, products, and experiences?
  • Are you looking for a “passion project” to supplement your current role?
  • Would you recommend the BDS brand to others?
  • Would you share your brand experiences with others?

If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, then you might be an awesome Brandfluencer™.

The Perks of Being a BrandfluencerTM

To say “thanks” for putting in a good word to all your family and friends on social media, you’ll get a few perks in return:

A bonus for every post plus more
for hitting extra milestones

Free swag like hats, T-shirts, face
masks, and more

Ability to earn free or discounted
products from clients

Brandfluencer kits (e.g. a ring
light, microphone, etc.)

…and more!

Our Brandfluencer community combines everything that we are: authentic, agile, and eager to achieve. By joining our team, not only will you get to promote the BDS brand, but also the industry-leading clients we serve.

So, what do you say? Become a Brandfluencer™ today!

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