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05.31.2022 Buzzworthy Insights
By BDS Strategy and Analytics

Digital First Customers

The digital revolution is here to stay, and companies need to readjust in order to satisfy their customers. In NICE’s recent customer experience report, they highlight a clear gap between what consumers want and what businesses are producing, with self-service options being a clear distinction. While 81% of consumers want more self-service options, only 15% indicated a high level of satisfaction with the options currently available. Surprisingly, this is where the gap appears, as 53% of businesses believe consumers are very satisfied with the options currently available. The top consideration comes towards customer service, with 95% of consumers placing great importance on customer service, and 57% indicating they would abandon a brand after one or two negative digital customer service interactions. (View source)

Starbucks Enters the Metaverse

NFTs and blockchain technology, not something you would think a coffee company would get into, but anything can happen in this day and age. That’s exactly what Starbucks is planning to do, expanding upon their existing in-store artwork, NFTs will be designed and sold to the public with Starbucks saying, “We believe NFTs have broad potential to create an expanded, shared-ownership model for loyalty, the offering of unique experiences, community building, storytelling, and customer engagement.” The NFTs will be backed by blockchains and sustainable infrastructure but long-term plans for the technology was not shared. (View source)

Puma’s Metaverse Land

As more and more retailers join Metaverse platforms, one has gained massive attention, especially among companies looking to market towards teens and young adults – Roblox. Puma, in partnership with Wonder Works, launched an immersive sports-based experience on the platform. Puma and the Land of Games experience features three mini games, various training activities, and new Layered Clothing technology that allows players to stylize their avatars in various PUMA gear. (View source)

Walmart Expands Drone Operations

Drones are shaping out to be the new wave of delivery services, Walmart is trying to stay ahead of the competition by expanding their last-mile delivery solutions. By the end of the year, Walmart plans to expand their DroneUp partnership to 34 sites, reaching 4 million US households across six states. Consumers can order from thousands of items, without exceeding 10 pounds, and have it delivered by a remote piloted drone in less than 30minutes, for a $4 fee of course. (View source)

First Amazon Clothing Store

The first brick and mortar style store from Amazon has arrived, opening last Wednesday in an LA shopping center. While the store looks like a normal clothing shop it will have one massive advantage, Amazon technology. Customers with the Amazon app are able to shop throughout the store while just using their phone, increasing personalization, and improving checkout times. All the while, the customer feels like they are getting better service without help from an associate, freeing them up to take care of vital issues. All items in the store will feature a QR code, once scanned, it will show all the sizes and colors available, the customer can then choose which ones they would like to try on and the items will be sent to their fitting room or to the cashier. Inside the fitting rooms, recommendations for other items will appear, determined by the app’s algorithm. (View source)

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