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09.13.2022 Buzzworthy Insights
By BDS Strategy and Analytics

Mobile Advertising

Consumers have been using their mobile devices more and more. According to a new study from ironSource, 74% of consumers use mobile ads to discover new apps. For most popular apps being used, 60% play mobile games, tied with social media apps. A third of consumers say they pay more attention to ads with in-app rewards, while around the same percentage of the surveyed groups say they never pay to download apps, between 28% and 49% occasionally make in-app purchases of a few dollars at a time. (View source)

WFH Reconsideration

Recessionary times are hitting younger workers in particular. According to a new study from Emburse in Britain, employees are looking for new ways to combat rising utility costs, be it subsided energy costs from their employer, or a subsided commute, the WFH life is looking to change up. When asked what they would like from their employer, 42% of employees would opt for financial support from their employers to cover utility costs, 35% indicated they would rather have commuting costs covered. Younger employees however, tied with the overall number of those who want subsided utility costs (42%). As employees are still leaving to find better work, companies could provide financial support for their WFH employees, 69% of WFH employees have never received any support for their utility costs. (View source)

Expert Vetted

All we have been hearing about recently in marketing is how influencers and podcasts are the way to go, a new survey from The Desire Company throws shade on influencers. 87% said it is likely that influencers don’t even use the products they advertise, with a mere 11% saying that a social media influencer with millions of followers is a trustworthy source. 82% of consumers that have purchased something that an influencer has advertised, had some sort of negative experience with the product, most commonly being that the product didn’t match the influencer’s claims. 53% when making purchasing decisions, rely most on recommendations from product experts, 51% indicating that an expert product demonstration is the only review they need to be confident in their purchase decisions. (View source)

Apple Car

For years Apple has teased the idea of releasing a car within the next decade, for the first time, Strategic Vision has added them to the list of their automotive brands. According to Strategic Vision’s new study, Apple is the 3rd highest brand being considered among consumers, behind Toyota and Honda. Apple had the greatest combined score when it came to “Future Consideration” and “Your Impression of Quality”. There is one weak spot, since they haven’t officially announced any plans to produce an automobile, 34% cite they don’t know enough about what an Apple car would look like. (View source)

Online Returns

Returns are becoming a hot subject as online shopping has become a staple of many households. According to a new report from Shopify’s return platform Loop, 57% of shoppers are willing to abandon a brand entirely when encountered with a poor post-purchase experience. When returning, 45% say if the product was $50 or less, they won’t return the item because the refunded amount isn’t worth their time and effort – 35% have not returned an item due to the potential environmental impact. 42% prefer to drop off the item at a designated spot, rather than at-home pick-up (24%), and directly at the storefront (18%). (View source)

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