Buzzworthy Insights – Mobile Shopping Growth

03.21.2022 Buzzworthy Insights
By BDS Strategy and Analytics

Mobile Shopping Growth

Klarna has released their new mobile shopping report, showcasing 80% of consumers have shopped via a mobile phone within the last year, 68% indicating they shop more often than two years ago. According to Klarna, the US is the only one who preferred mobile phone usage, 46% (mobile) to 41% (desktop). 94% of all US consumers have shopping apps on their phone, with 82% using fewer than five each week, and 72% want an all-in-one shopping app. This is especially true among younger generations as 75% of Gen-Z and millennials are in favor of an all-in-one mobile shopping app. (View source)

AR / VR Technology 

AR and VR technology has rapidly become integral parts of many industries, a number of companies, including Yeti, David’s Bridal, eBags, and Cort are utilizing Vertebrae’s technology to create immersive virtual product sampling capabilities. The technology allows users to have a 360-degree view of items and assess how it would look in their own home. Cort has seen high conversion rates with customers able to view over 150 furniture and home accessory items, in mid-January 2022 they saw a 122% increase in revenue per visit for desktop users, and 78% for mobile users. (View source)

The Future of Customer Experience (CX)

As customers have moved online, businesses have been continually revamping the way customers interact and experience their webpages. In new research from Frost & Sullivan, 98% of senior customer experience management professionals are planning to transform operations within the next two years, and nearly 50% expect to see new customer channels to develop such as AR services and voice assistance. The biggest challenge to transforming the CX experience is scalability, with multiple channels to manage and develop, deploying the right technology to support your strategy is critical. (View source)

Macy’s Transformation

Redefining the in-store experience is in full swing as big box retailers across the board are transforming who they are. The newest member, Macy’s, will be offering a more customized shopping experience with easier to use online tools and employee stylists to help one-on-one in their new campaign, “Own Your Style”. In addition to loosening the dress code, allowing employees to incorporate their own style to their work outfit, certain employees will be selected for the “Style Crew”. A program that will teach employees how to offer one-on-one styling advice for customers and social media coaching. These employees will be paid commission for their sales in-store and social media posts that lead to online conversions. Macy’s website will be getting a revamp to offer personalized landing pages based on purchase history, an upgraded dashboard, and much more. In-store will be seeing a tech advancement as digital screens with style tips will be found throughout the store. (View source)

Chatbot Preferences

Businesses around the world implement chatbots for a variety of customer service interactions, in a new survey from Tidio, when given the alternative of waiting 15mins to speak with a live agent, 62% of consumers would prefer to speak with a chatbot. 88% of consumers noted they have interacted with a chatbot in the last year, 69% found the experience to be positive, 21% found it to be neutral, and 10% had a negative experience. For why consumers like chatbots, 29% (the highest) note 24/7 customer service and 24% said receiving a fast reply. There were three areas where consumers didn’t prefer a chatbot: 46% for product returns, 40% for troubleshooting, and 28% if complaining about customer service. (View source)

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