BDS’ Experiential team, MAG, in a long-standing partnership with a major consumer electronics brand, has been the driving force to delivering compact training programs known as Train-the-Trainer for our client’s employees.

A Working Framework

Train-the-Trainer is a comprehensive framework for training instructors, potential instructors, and subject matter experts to enable them to train other people within the organization. A group of employees receive a compact training program that focuses on specific training content as well as how to teach the training content to others. The expected outcome is that the attendees learn the new knowledge or skill and have the ability to instruct further teams of people within the organization.

Shifting Gears

The unprecedented nature of the pandemic created a major conflict to in-person and field training based on global health concerns and social distancing. After years of running in-person training programs, COVID-19 presented new challenges. The challenges forced us to make quick and creative decisions on how to continue reaching our core audience within the program. After successfully executing virtual training events, we made the transition of in-person training events to be completely virtual.

Designing a Virtual

We created an amazing opportunity for our client to reach all its trainers in a more effective and efficient way, create better assessments and training modules, and strengthen the training community by creating immersive and highly interactive team building opportunities to encourage interaction.

Training on Demand:
Coming Together

We built a virtual world by creating an immersive, digital environment where our team could learn, connect, and share with each other. The week-long virtual event featured Lead Trainers coming together for networking and executive exposure. Our client presented growth and innovation by introducing new communication tools and platforms during the virtual event. We integrated our client’s latest tools into the virtual event, which provided attendees with hands-on experience and skills of the latest features. The event also featured on-demand video content that covered a plethora of keystone topics.

As our client’s executive leadership attended the virtual event, employees had the opportunity to connect one-on-one with leadership during virtual office hours, which were directly integrated into the platform. To facilitate relationship building within the community, attendees participated in an activity directly within our client’s latest platform. By sharing designs of their families, hobbies, and talents, Lead Trainers were able to connect with the community even through a virtual environment.

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A Solution That Speaks For Itself.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for hosting and preparing this event for us. [Readiness Events] are amazing as always and the engagement and energy from the wider team is always something to look forward to! I am sad it’s finally over, but this is gearing me up for FY22 and the next one! Can’t wait!”

Thank you again as always for making these [Readiness Events] so special and engaging. I appreciate each and every one of the team and all you do for us. Can’t believe it is almost the end already, but I had such a good time this week, very glad to be a part of something special.”

“AMAZING to have a video from [executive member] addressing this community. It was the talk of the day! Thank you all for making this event happen.”

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