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As GoPro quickly became a force in the consumer electronics world, they recognized a need to not only grow their presence in stores, but control their brand experience overall at retail.



We wish we could say that we met this amazing brand on the slopes while filming an action-packed snowboarding video. However, our initial partnership really began with GoPro’s need for a third party labor provider that understood their brand, had the right connections at retail, and could supply them with a quick and effective retail ready solution.

GoPro is such a fun brand to work with, they have done a really great job establishing a brand presence out in the market, and we have been able to leverage that from a retail marketing perspective. Our partnership with GoPro has allowed us the opportunity to leverage a wide variety of BDS solutions for them, which is always exciting to us, as an integrated retail marketing strategy produces the best results!

Mike Gonzalez – Sr. Manager of Client Services


With their iconic action cameras, rad user-created content, and diehard fan base, GoPro quickly became a mighty force in the consumer electronics world. GoPro essentially created their own category at retail, and has since dominated the store floor with innovative displays, brand-conscious PoP, and stoked associates.


Since the beginning of our partnership, we have activated a variety of services for GoPro, from Merchandising and Break Fix, to Assisted Sales and Market Development. Our highly branded, passionate, dedicated team of GoPro experts provides a hybrid of all these services to successfully provide a great customer experience and deliver the brand promise at retail.

However, as their products became more popular with customers, they recognized a need to not only grow their presence in stores, but control their brand experience overall at retail.


  • Achieved a 9% lift in sales in covered stores versus non-covered stores over four months, which translated into a 198% return on GoPro’s original program investment
  • Trained 5,000 unique retail store associates over the span of 3 months
  • Installed acrylic security displays at over 300 Best Buy and 250 Target locations with 15 MDMs over two weeks, enabling the product to stay on display without any issues
  • Over 1,500 display compliance corrections were documented during visits
  • Stores with zero empty slots on the camera displays improved from 18% to 62%

9% increase

lift in sales for covered stores vs non-covered

198% return

on original program investment