Diana C.

Regional Trainer, Break Fix
12.19.2019 BDSer Spotlights

This month’s Employee Spotlight features one of our Break Fix Regional Trainers, Diana C.! She works closely with the field team and ensures quality execution and reporting. Learn more about Diana, her current role, insights she gained working closely with the field team, and interests and hobbies outside of work. 

Q:  Tell us about your current role/responsibilities here at BDSmktg 

A: Within the past month, I had the opportunity to experience several new roles. I was a Market Team Lead in the Atlanta market for 2 years, then was moved to a Regional Trainer for a short period. This has been a very challenging and rewarding change for me. I have been able to use my field experience to guide my team into a successful Q4. 

Q:  What aspect of your career do you enjoy the most? 

A:  I thoroughly enjoy meeting people and helping everyone. Field staff may feel alone and when they have an opportunity to spend time with someone who understands, sympathizes and has a different insight to the job, they are often grateful. I also enjoy when all the cards are thrown in the air and fall into the right place, whether it be from troubleshooting, parts placement, or watching a new hire become a star rep.  

Q:  You got Employee of the Quarter for Q1! How do you feel? 

A: I was truly shocked! I was about to get on a plane from a BDSmktg trip and it was very surprising. Almost like the police pulling up behind you on the road, you immediately think “What did I do wrong?” even though you have a stellar driving record. I had not even given thought to such an honor ever. BDS is always amazing at giving positive feedback, but that was truly an honor! 

Q:  Any new trends you’re seeing in the training world? 

A:  I wouldn’t say “new” because if you’ve never seen it before then it’s NEW to you. But a new trend for sure is more interactive training. Whether it’s virtual or in person, it is more interactive and more personal. There are so many different learning styles that training needs to adapt and adjust to everyone. Technology also plays a key role in the trends and I’m sure they will change again before we know it. 

Q: What insights have you gained from working with the field team? 

A: The field team is truly unique. There are so many amazing reps in the field with an expanse knowledge of everything. I truly learn something new every time I go out in the field. Whether it’s BDS related or not, that’s where the fun comes in. It is ever changing, ever moving and always evolving, and reps are gifted enough to stay on their toes to pivot at any minute. 

Q:  Our BDS values are Achievement, Agility and Authenticity, which one do you feel describes you? Why? 

AIf I had to pick one, authenticity would have to be the value that closely describes me. To be an authentic person is the true essence of who you are, and it can’t be taught. It also can’t be acquired through practice or training and comes from within. I may not always reach achievement in my efforts no matter how hard I try or I’m not always agile as I was, however, I can truly say I am authentic. 

Q:  Outside of work, do you have any interests or hobbies 

A: I enjoy spending time with my teenage daughters, when they LET me. We catch up on some of our favorite shows, shop, and go to the movies. But probably the oddest and most fun thing we do is go to conventions and cosplay our favorite characters. 

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