Empowering a Mobile Workforce with Engage Center

06.10.2019 Articles
By Scot Maurath, Director of Learning Design

As an expert in brand advocacy, BDSmktg has worked with many clients over the past 35 years to establish a brand presence at retail and create communities of loyal consumers. We’ve seen how these consumers have changed their expectations when it comes to the purchase journey, and it has led us to evolve as an agency to meet those new demands and drive results for our clients.

Just like consumers, our own employees are changing the way they consume knowledge for their roles and engage with our own brand. With greater access to online and mobile resources, as well as the shift to BYOD (bring your own device), we’re seeing trends like “just-in-time/just-in-case learning”, gamification, micro-learning, curation-freedom, and interactive online experiences become table stakes for driving employee knowledge retention, engagement, and ultimately satisfaction, especially for decentralized organizations like ours.

With this in mind, we made the move as an agency to invest and go all-in on a centralized online hub for our employee training, learning, development, and engagement initiatives. Led by our Learning Design team with support from Human Resources, IT, Marketing, and all of our client service teams, the agency fully launched Engage Center this March to all of our employees. The platform allows employees to take courses prescribed for their roles, curate and share best practices with peers, socialize industry knowledge, drive personal career development, and contribute to BDS’ culture no matter where they are located.

To support and promote Engage Center, we also utilized our private social group for employees called BDS Insiders. This allows us to extend BDS’ unique culture directly to employees on a platform they are already familiar with and share curated exclusive content for the employee community, including interviews with agency experts, shout outs, contests, company news, career opportunities, quick polls, and more.

Over the next few months, we will be continuing our momentum as we activate additional tools and resources to improve upon our employees’ learning experiences. Want to find out how we can build personalized training solutions for your brand? Contact us today.

By Scot Maurath, Director of Learning Design