“Our Favorite Things” Blog Series: BDSers’ New Year’s Resolutions 

12.21.2017 Articles

As the ball drops and the New Year begins, we tend to be inspired by the idea of a fresh start. We aim to ensure the New Year is even better than the previous one, making resolutions to change or enhance our lives. For many Americans, these annual goals fall within a few major categories. For example, did you know that the most common type of resolution involves weight loss or healthier eating, which is 21.4% of the resolutions people set? The next involves self-improvement at 12.3%. Then there’s the commitment to make better financial decisions, which makes up 8.5% of all resolutions. At 6.2% comes the promise to spend more time with family or close friends. Finally, at 5.5% is the commitment to work out more.  

In the final part of our “Favorite Things” blog series, we share what our BDSers desire to achieve in 2018. From committing to getting in shape to appreciating the small moments, our employees have set some great resolutions for the new year! Check them out below.  

Weight Loss & Healthy Eating 

“My husband will be deploying for a year in January, and I’ll have lots of “me” time to work on myself, so I want to take control of my health and free time.”  – Tiffani N., Instructional Designer  

“I want to lose more weight because I need to be healthier!” – Steven W., Customer Support 

“I need to get in shape so that I’m not out of breath by the time I get downstairs to the lobby. My wife is in way better shape than I am and I’m tired of looking like Danny DeVito meets Katy Perry.” – Tony O., Client Services Manager  

“I tend to really enjoy some not-so-healthy southern eats, so I need to eat healthier!” – Tyler A., Retail Associate  

Life & Self Improvement  

“Writing is a hobby that I wish I did more frequently and I used to dabble in web design and always wanted to go and learn new skills, so this year I want to write more, launch a blog, and refine my web development skills.”  – Jim K., Market Development Manager 

“I want to continue to learn and to find new things that feed my individuality, my spirit, and my soul. Being personally happy is an important thing in my life so I can share that with those I love.”  – Sharon M., Dedicated Account Rep 

“Time moves too fast and sometimes I forget about the small things. Taking a moment to appreciate even the routine of the day to day and being present is something I hope to do more.”  – Lauren J., Director of Client Services  

 Making Better Financial Decisions 

“I want to be debt free and I want to travel. Doing each of those will allow me to enjoy life better.”  – Tammara A., Recruiter 

“I want to get closer to being out of debt so that I can have more freedom and hopefully retire someday.” – Sherry B., Recruiter  

 Working Out More  

“I want to be healthier for my family, so I want to be more active. I want to make time to exercise and be outdoors more.”  – Haylee B., Field Operations Manager  

“I want to get more exercise this year, because I think being healthy is important.”  – Mike C., Motorola Agent 

We wish our BDSers the best of luck as they work to make their resolutions a reality! Have a New Year’s resolution that you want to achieve for 2018? Let us know!