Our “Favorite Things” Series Part 3: BDSers’ Favorite Holiday Traditions

12.11.2017 Articles
By Kelly Campbell, Marketing Services Manager, BDSmktg

From decorating the tree, to doing some holiday shopping, one of the best things about the holidays are the festive traditions! In the third part of our “Favorite Things” series, our BDSers from around the country share their favorite holiday traditions.

Many of our BDSers shared their favorite holiday prep activities:

“My husband, son and I go in search of houses decorated for the holidays. We get tea or hot chocolate and go around neighborhoods known to have good lights and decorations.” – Alia W., Sr. Recruiting Manager

“Watching the greatest Christmas movie of all time, DIE HARD, while I wrap Christmas gifts.” – Joseph D., Sr. Market Development Manager

“Watching Hallmark movies with family along with eating mommy’s mac and cheese.” – Aia C., Market Development Manager

It’s not the holidays without a bit of gifting! Here are some highlights that our BDSers shared:

“On Black Friday, we make a day of shopping. Some people look at this day as the height of commercialism for Christmas and condemn shoppers, feeling sorry for the associates stuck in stores. We don’t see it this way when we go out. We thoroughly enjoy walking the crowded stores and exploring together. We have many pleasant encounters with associates and friends we run into in the stores.” – Melodie D., Sr. Results Coordinator

“Buying family members special Christmas ornaments that show the special moments in their life and make a memory of each year. My children and grandchildren receive them each year. I have begun doing this for friends also.” – Sharon M., Dedicated Account Representative

“I love to create hand-made crafts and bake up goodies instead of giving impersonal gifts.” – Tiffani N., Instructional Designer

Don’t forget about the tasty holiday food too! Many of our employees love to cook, bake, and eat during the holidays:

“Wine tasting at Thanksgiving in Sonoma.” – Jen F., Sr. Client Services Director

“My family holiday tradition is pumpkin pie and homemade whipped topping.” – Joseph B., Retail Associate

“Cooking turkey in my motorhome while driving down the freeway.” – Sherry B., Recruiter

“Eating….err I mean baking cookies. I make a mean Chocolate Chip cookie!” – Justin Y., Recruiter

“Eating fondue for Christmas dinner every year since 1979.” – Eric W., Sr. Client Services Director

Of course, the holidays are the perfect time to get together with friends and family. Many shared what they do each year:

“We get a big group together and play a game called “cops and robbers” where everyone brings little gag gifts and depending on the order your cards are called you can either steal gifts or open new ones.” – Lindsey G., Manager

“Every year, my husband and I host Christmas dinner. After we eat, we do a family game for all ages and we compete for prizes. One year we had to assemble puzzles and another year we played Christmas Bingo. Who knows what we will play this year???” – Maresa N., Marketing Project Manager

“Every Christmas Day, my family and I go to Cinepolis and watch the biggest, most popular movie – this year we’ll be watching the new Star Wars movie.” – Tony O., Client Services Manager

For many, the holidays are a time to not only reminisce about childhood, but also to create new memories with loved ones. Our BDSers shared their own magical moments and memories:

“As kids, my mom would have my sister and I help with the Thanksgiving table decorations. We would go outside and collect leaves and then place them between wax paper to iron. The end result was placemats for the table.” – Haylee B., Field Operations Manager

“When I was little we use to open our stockings and we would have a Christmas book with lifesavers in it. I am currently 32 and still do it! To me, Christmas is not the same without the lifesavers book.” – Michael W., Regional Coordinator

“When our daughter was little, she had a large gift to wrap, and I could only think to wrap like a tootsie roll. She loved the look so much that I have continued to place a “tootsie roll” gift under the tree for each person – it has been going on for 26 years now.” – Tina R., Field Operations Manager

“After the tree has been decorated, but before the presents have been put under the tree, I lay on the floor under the tree and look up…I’ve done this since I was a child and it always makes me feel the magic and spirit of the season, but also brings back a ton of memories from throughout my life of spending time with family and friends!” – Shea R., Director, Field Operations

Which holiday traditions do you look forward to every year? Stop by our office and share your story with us!