Five Tips to Surviving the 2014 CES Show Floor

12.20.2013 Articles

Five Tips to Surviving the 2014 CES Show Floor

Whether you’re planning to visit 2014 CES for one day or the entire week, seeing everything that this 1.85 million square foot tradeshow has to offer is a daunting mission for any seasoned show-goer. As CES veterans for over ten years, we’ve learned a few tricks to surviving the show floor that will maximize your experience.

Tip #1: Download the CES Mobile App
The CES Mobile App is the best tool for navigating the show floor when you’re on the go. You can locate exhibitors, look up event times, and receive real-time alerts. To download, visit the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play on your device and search for “2014 CES”.

Tip #2: Get Your Badge Early
Don’t wait until you get to one of the CES show venues to pick up your badge. Bypass the long waits at the door by picking up your badge at McCarran Airport when you arrive or after you check into your hotel. A full list of badge pickup locations can be found here.

Tip #3: Know Your Transportation Options
Every year we see people wait in long lines to catch a cab or hop on the Las Vegas Monorail, but did you know that CES offers ten other transportation options? Check them out here.

Tip #4: Pack a CES Survival Kit
Don’t forget to pack certain show floor necessities that will help you survive the long days. We’ve found that it’s important to stock up on updated business cards, notepads, pens, stain remover, tissues, mints, pain reliever, cough drops, and water.

Tip #5: Bring the Right Shoes
Nothing could be worse than sore feet after only a couple of hours on the show floor. Leave those fancy new shoes at home and bring a pair that are tried and true. We’ve found that the more comfortable you are, the better experience you’ll have at CES.

We look forward to seeing you there!