Five Ways to Ignite Customer Influence

07.26.2016 Articles

It’s no surprise that brands are constantly on the lookout for new ways to influence shoppers and close a sale. Today, more than ever, customers are bombarded with options when they go shopping. Long gone are the days of only having one or two choices in any product category. Just walk through any retailer and you will see multiple brands and products vying for your attention.

Influencing your customers does not mean pulling the wool over their eyes – there are honest, practical ways to get them to choose your brand over other brands. Not to mention, if your product is a quality item, then influencing the sale is actually doing the customer a favor. After all, getting shoppers to purchase the right product for their needs is part of your brand’s responsibilities. So, how can you influence customers to choose what you have to offer?

Here are five natural ways to influence the sale:

1. Capture Their Attention

The first step in getting customers to choose your brand is to get them to notice you. Take steps to stand out at retail through the use of compelling graphic signage, interactive displays, and other custom retail fixtures that help draw attention to your product and its advantages. Make sure to highlight not only your product’s features, but how those features will benefit the customer.

2. Get Them To Try The Product

Which sales scenario do you think is more convincing: the consumer having to read about the features of your brand’s product, or allowing the consumer to try the product and experience the features first hand? If you can get consumers to interact with your product, your chances of sell through increase tremendously. This can be done through the use of interactive displays, Brand Shops that offer product demos, or through assisted sales events.

3. Help Them Trust You

People buy from people they trust. A trustworthy retail sales associate isn’t someone who constantly pesters the customer and tells them all the reasons why they should buy their product. Instead, train them to listen for key objections and to overcome them with real, tangible benefits of your brand or product. An informed and skilled associate will know exactly what to listen for and how to help the shopper overcome the obstacles in their purchasing path.

4. Guide Them To Visit Your Website

In a recent report by Deloitte that researched the impact of digital influence during the shopping process, one of the key findings showed that consumers have a tendency to spend more when they utilize digital channels while shopping. Shoppers were likely to browse product categories, and often ended up purchasing higher-end products than the ones they had originally set out to buy. Getting customers to your site will allow them to see all of your brand’s offerings, instead of just the handful of products that you might have available at retail.

5. Help Them Visualize

We’ve all daydreamed about what our life would be like if we had a new car, a different wardrobe, etc. When merchandising for your brand, make it easy for consumers to visualize exactly what their life will look like if they purchase your products. How might your product improve their current situation? Customers seek guidance when shopping, and the brands that offer that guidance will have more influence when it comes time to purchase.

Guiding customers to choose your products may be challenging with so much competition. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to making their decision a little easier. Remember that honest salesmanship doesn’t mean you sit back and do nothing. Take action and show customers exactly why your brand is the best option out there!

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