Friday Five: April 12th

04.13.2019 Articles
By Eileen Ortega

What’s new in the world of consumer marketing? Uber is offering free rides to bring in more foot traffic at local malls, customers want a memorable experience from start to finish when shopping in stores, and retailers use augmented reality to transform the customer experience. Here are our top five curated insights for this week: 

1. The Power of Experiential Retail Marketing  

So, what are some of the unique trends that emerged last year? We’ve seen a real drive for interactivity in-store, and it’s not just limited to the younger generation. Young and old alike are embracing interactive technology at an increasing rate, using digital platforms to navigate in-store experiences and explore at their own pace. 

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2. The Survival Strategy For Retail Is Experience  

A recent Gartner study shows that by the year 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product when it comes to earning consumer loyalty. To stay ahead of the curve, train and empower your staff to be product experts to be able to problem solve proactively to court the fidelity of a customer in need.” 

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3. How Omnichannel Can Bet Back Amazon and Attract Loyal Customers

Though Amazon’s dominance of ecommerce may bring about feelings of doom or gloom, many retailers do not realize the influence they have to capture buyers before they default to Amazon. In fact, IHL research found that 24% of Amazon’s retail sales can be attributed to customers who first tried to shop in stores, but found the product was out of stock.”  

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4. Three Ways AR is Digitally Transforming Retail Customer Experience in 2019 

Shopping experiences today are not confined to store visits. Customers expect valuable and memorable experiences in the limited time they spend shopping. Retailers are therefore exploring novel ways to create experiences that blend the physical world with digital magic.” 

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5. Retailer Try to Lure Customers with Free Uber Rides

Uber launched a voucher program Tuesday that enables companies like Westfield Mall and TGI Fridays to dole out free or discounted rides to customers, offering a way for retailers to counter declining foot traffic heightened by the growth of online shopping. 

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That’s a wrap! What’s your big insight from this week? Let us know on Instagram or Twitter @BDSmktg. Have a phenomenal weekend!