Friday Five: April 26th

04.26.2019 Articles

What’s new in the world of consumer marketing? Instagram adds a checkout feature for quick and easy shopping, Amazon is reforming its retail strategy, and brands use influencer marketing to engage with consumers through social media. Here are our top five curated insights for this week: 

1. Amazon Is Pulling The Plug On Hybrid Selling 

The hybrid selling model on Amazon has gained traction as sellers realized they could control their own destinies better on the platform if they strike a balance between third-party and wholesale selling models. For a while, this worked for Amazon, too. Its retail business prioritized volume. Now, it’s prioritizing profit and efficiency, and multiple listings for one product aren’t conducive to its bottom line. 

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2. Companies Struggle To Turn Data Into Experiences: Here’s How To Do Better  

Marketers may understand the importance of data, but according to a February 2019 report from the CMO Council and Harte Hanks, that doesn’t mean they know how to use it. After polling more than 150 executives, they found that none indicated they were equipped to use new intelligence points to improve brand engagement. That’s not good, especially considering how much younger generations prioritize great experiences. 

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3. The Golden Age Of Influencer Marketing Is Yet To Come 

Influencer marketing has an incredibly well-established position right now. It will not only continue to grow in popularity, but it will also become a deeper, more purposeful, and more effective way for brands to engage audiences on social media channels. In a world where the role of brands is precarious, human connection has become the key consumer currency. 

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4. What Traditional Retailers Can Learn From The ‘Click-to-Brick’ Movement 

According to a report from David Bassuk and Joel Bines, global coleaders of the retail practice at AlixPartners LLP, digitally native brands have opened hundreds of physical stores — with more on the way. Direct-to-consumer brands that have announced additional store openings include Amazon, Casper, Adore Me, Indochino, Untuckit and Warby Parker as well as Allbirds, Outdoor Voices, Rent the Runway, Ministry of Supply and The Tie Bar, among others.” 

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5. Instagram Marketing Trends Advertisers Need To Know 

In less than a decade since its launch in 2010, Instagram has enjoyed exponential growth, with the platform recently reaching 1 billion active monthly users. In doing so, it has become an attractive platform for brands eager to learn if Instagram marketing can help them forge a closer connection with their consumers.” 

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That’s a wrap! What’s your big insight from this week? Let us know on Instagram or Twitter @BDSmktg. Have a phenomenal weekend! ✌