Friday Five: March 22nd

03.22.2019 Articles
By Josh Vandenburg

What’s new in the world of omnichannel marketing? We recap the top takeaways from ShopTalk, retailers push private label products, and a lesson on what not to say about your brand. Here are our top five insights from the past week.

1. The Future Of Retail: Lessons Learned From Shoptalk 2019

“Imagine you’re a frequent customer of a major shoe company with hundreds of retail locations and, of course, an e-commerce business — let’s call it Shoe Emporium. In a given year, say you visit two different Shoe Emporium locations and make purchases, and you also place an online order (all with the same credit card). Do you think Shoe Emporium knows who you are and how many total purchases you made that year?”

Read the full article from Hackernoon.

2. The Next Wave Of Brands At Retail: Digitally Native Brands On The Power Of Brick And Mortar

“Founders and CEOs at digital-first businesses at Shoptalk predict their business models will need to move beyond early strategies like social media marketing to preserve customer relationships.”

Read the full article from Retail Dive.

3. The Retail Store Is The New E-Commerce Website

Ashwin Ramasamy covers key initiatives from NRF. “While there is so much to take in from a conference that runs for three days, I am going to focus on the concept of the physical store. After all, 2018 was the year of the retail renaissance, and the physical store is doing well to reinvent itself.”

Read the full article from Forbes.

4. A Lesson in What Not to Say About Your Brand

“This week, 83-year-old billionaire CEO Nick Caporella provided the following series of sentences as explanation for the poor-performing quarter, which we’ve annotated both for clarity and to give you some short mental rests throughout: ‘We are truly sorry for these results stated above. Negligence nor mismanagement nor woeful acts of God were not the reasons — much of this was the result of injustice!’”

Read the full article from VOX.

5. ‘They’re All Scared Half To Death’: Retailers Accelerate Private-Label Push

“Spurred by the success of companies like Target, which has seen its store sales rise as it increases its assortment of private-label products, more big-box retailers are accelerating their private-label push, launching brands in multiple, wide-ranging categories.”

Read the full article from Digiday.

That’s a wrap! What’s your big insight from this week? Let us know on Instagram or Twitter @BDSmktg. Have a phenomenal weekend! ✌🏻