Friday Five: May 17th

05.17.2019 Articles
By Kelly Campbell

What’s new in the world of marketing? The majority of retailers are investing in omnichannel, income levels may be shaping the way millennial shoppers approach retail, and Instagram goes all in on shopping. Read on for our top five curated insights for this week. Enjoy!

1. 67% of Retailers Say Omnichannel Is a Priority 

“Half of the respondents to Shopgate’s survey said mobile shopping apps are a top priority in their omnichannel plans, and 45% said mobile points of sale as another high priority within their future omnichannel strategies.”

Read the full article from Retail Dive. 

2. 4 Ways to Tell a Better Visual Story and Improve Customer Experience

“As social beings, we’re also hardwired to visually sense emotions — and visual storytelling builds on emotions and feelings. With 90% of purchase decisions made subconsciously, the experience the visual story creates is the key to its success.”

Read the full article from CMS Wire. 

3. Income Shapes Millennials’ Behavior More Than Age

‘“Millennials are a generational cohort but they are not a behavioral one,’ said Kasey Lobaugh, Principal and Chief Retail Innovation Officer at Deloitte. ‘People behave more like their income than they do their age.”’

Read the full article from Retail TouchPoints. 

4. Instagram really, really wants you to shop and watch IGTV

“Instagram today announced a revamp to its Explore page that will now include a navigation bar featuring shortcuts to ‘IGTV’ and ‘Shop,’ as well as channels tailored to individual interests like food and travel. The Explore grid will also feature Instagram Stories.”

Read the full article from Fast Company. 

5. What Next-Gen Retail CEOs Can Learn From Macy’s Innovation Formula

“While 95% of a test may not work, that final 5% may be key to adding more value to the consumer experience.”

Read the full article from Retail TouchPoints. 

That’s a wrap! What’s your big insight from this week? Let us know on Instagram or Twitter @BDSmktg. Have a phenomenal weekend! ✌