Great Consumer Expectations [White Paper]

11.01.2017 Articles

How important are physical stores to consumers? What comprises a great retail experience? How can we motivate consumers to shop? We wanted to know the answers to these questions, so we surveyed over 1,000 retail shoppers to learn more about what they expect from brands and retailers. The Great Consumer Expectations white paper is a BDS proprietary research study that focuses on what makes a great retail experience for today’s consumer.  

The Retail Experience Is Still Thriving 

What we found is that 28% of those surveyed still enjoy going out to shop. They like getting out of the house and the social interaction that occurs in a physical store. This is great news for brands and retailers who have long feared that consumers are abandoning the store experience for the convenience of online shopping. 

Looking Ahead to 2018 

As you plan your 2018 retail strategy, let this study be your guide for developing a strong action plan that includes “back to basics” operations management, value proposition pricing strategies, and memorable retail experiences.  

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