How To Increase Sales & Delight Shoppers This Mother’s Day

05.06.2016 Articles

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, which means sons, daughters, and husbands will soon be scrambling to find the perfect gift for Mom. Since Mother’s Day isn’t considered one of the year’s main holidays, you may not think it matters as much if you do anything special at retail. But, this holiday presents a huge opportunity for brands and retailers to capitalize on the hungry shoppers who are looking for a great gift idea, and a good deal.

Whether you’re a manufacturer or retail manager, these tips for making the most of Mother’s Day can help you increase sales and delight shoppers.

Send A Reminder

We all know that shopping for Mom can be intimidating, so what better way to avoid that feeling than to wait until the last minute. Make sure to remind shoppers how close Mother’s Day is and let them know what you’re offering to ease their minds and refute procrastination. This is especially important for brands that offer products that most people wouldn’t think to purchase for their mom, but that might be exactly what Mom wants (new running shoes, sunglasses, or headphones). With some creativity, you can position your brand to show how your products will surpass Mom’s expectations.

Highlight Your Offer

It’s not essential to have a special promotion or offer for Mother’s Day, but if you do, make sure shoppers know about it! Send out email reminders or use a direct mail campaign to promote your offer to shoppers who are looking for a great gift for Mother’s Day. One helpful tactic is to craft an offer that gives the shopper something they want, while still getting a great gift for Mom. Example: “Spend “x” amount and get “x” back in gift cards to use for yourself!”

Set Up A Themed Display

Something as simple as setting up a Mother’s Day themed display can catch customers’ attention and increase sales. Group products together in an attractive way; show items that you already know the majority of Moms love – perfume, jewelry, shoes, etc. – and position your display where you get the most store traffic. Walking by a themed display will remind shoppers that the holiday is quickly approaching, and they are more likely to engage with your products.

Make Gift Bundles

Take the guesswork out of Mother’s Day and bundle a group of items together to sell as one “package” deal, with or without a discount. For example, if you’re a florist, pair chocolates with a beautiful floral arrangement. If you sell consumer electronics, pair a smart watch with an additional band. Do whatever you can to help your shoppers picture the perfect gift combo for Mom that way you save them time and provide an easy gift solution for their needs.

Try any of these tips, or a combination of them, to increase sales this Mother’s Day. But whatever you do, remember that this day is a big occasion for many shoppers, and has the opportunity to generate additional sales if you put in the work.

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