Joshua L.

Motorola Regional Trainer
02.01.2021 BDSer Spotlights

A seasoned veteran with Motorola, Josh began his journey as a Motorola agent and then became a trainer traveling from state-to-state training cell phone carrier associates (Verizon, Best Buy, and others). Josh joined the BDS team in 2017 working within his role as a trainer with Motorola and has been a trailblazer who has had to pivot and adapt to leading his role from conducting in-person trainings to now carving a path recreating that experience on digital platforms. I caught up with Josh to get an inside scoop behind our Employee of the Year.

Q: Employee of the year, what an honor that is, how does it feel?

A: To be honest it feels a bit strange you know, like this spotlight is on you now and you have to live up to the expectations of the title. I just love what I do, so it was a bit of a surprise receiving this award, but I am very grateful for the acknowledgement from my team.

Q: How long have you been with BDS?

A: I have been working with BDS since July of 2017, so just over three years now.

Q: Tell me about what you do.

A: I am a Motorola Regional Trainer for BDS overseeing the Austin/San Antonio, Texas Region.  I started off as a Motorola agent then became a trainer and started traveling around the country in a big Motorola Van visiting different Motorola locations where I would train associates. I absolutely loved it! I have also been leading the introduction of Tap-a-Tech on the Motorola side of the business and the reception has been very positive.

Q: That’s amazing. Are you still travelling around in the Motorola Van?

A: No unfortunately, due to the pandemic we have had to roll back on that program and find alternative ways to conduct our trainings. I have pivoted to orchestrating webinars and conducting live streams with the associates. Its not the same as in-person, I miss the traveling, but I have totally embraced it.

Q: Absolutely, and the efforts of your transition have certainly been rewarding. Do you have a mantra for 2021?

A: I am very big on personal growth so I would say my goal is to be as great as some of these youtubers in creating captivating content and I am a big advocate on building better health.

Q: Are you a sports fan?

A: I am a Dallas Cowboys fan, but I don’t watch sports often.

Q: Do you have any hobbies you would love to share? 

A: I love to make music. I am a rock and metal vocalist, you can find some of my songs on my YouTube page, check out Our Only Hope – The American Dream.

Q: Traveling seems to be close to your heart, do you have a dream travel destination?

 A: I love Japan! I have been there before and would love to go back there soon.

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