Marcus M.

Director of Operations at wowbrands
03.21.2019 BDSer Spotlights

This month’s Employee Spotlight features wowbrands’ Director of Operations, Marcus M.!

Marcus has worked for wowbrands, BDSmktg’s digital marketing division, since 2015. Marcus first started as an Account & Project Manager and then became the Operations Director, where he manages the digital marketing team and oversees daily accounts. Read on to learn more about Marcus, his very interesting career path, and his favorite part about working in digital marketing.  

QWhat did you do before working at wowbrands? Have you always been in your field of work?  

A: Before joining wowbrands, I was a photojournalist working at newspapers in Southern Ohio and Northern Indiana. I covered local and national breaking news, Notre Dame sports and presidential elections. I also had a wedding photography business on the side.

Q: What aspect of your career do you enjoy the most?  

A:  I enjoy working with my internal team! Helping them get over road blocks and seeing the team grow within their own talents. We have a great team here at wowbrands. We all feed off one another, and we’re all successful together! What we do is build brands from the ground up, starting with a white piece of paper and working from scratch to give them a digital presence.  

Q:  Any new trends you’re seeing in the digital marketing world? 

A: Digital marketing is still relatively young, and it is changing all the time. What we are seeing from our clients is that not only do we want to generate leads and move product, but they are looking for new ways to engage with their consumers in the digital space. We are challenged with telling more relevant stories and creating new digital experiences that touch our client’s customers wherever they are, all the time. 

Q: What are some of your challenges you face as a team? 

A: Outside of the daily logistical challenges of delivering the best product for our clients, one of the biggest challenges I believe we face is trying to stay ahead of the constantly changing digital landscape. Thankfully I have a strong team that is always looking for new ways to improve the user experience to achieve our client’s goals. 

Q: We know that photography is an interest of yours, but do you have any other hobbies outside of work? 

A: I enjoy traveling internationally with my wife; it’s one of my favorite things to do! We also grow a huge garden over the summer, preserving a lot of the food that we grow and eat it during the winter. I also love to cook! 

Q: Since you love to garden and cook, what kind of food do you look forward to? 

A:  An Ohio summer tomato at peak season! It’s probably one of my favorite things ever! 

Q: What is your favorite travel spot?   

A: Traverse City, located in Northern Michigan, will always have a special place in my heart.


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