Influencing Brand Choice
For Over 35 Years


Our mission is to spread brand enthusiasm, connect people and products, and simplify the sale.


Influence every brand choice.


Our values are engrained in our culture and guide our actions each day. It’s what we stand for.


Achievement is getting it done and getting it done right. Know what result you are looking for, break it down into meaningful goals and be relentless in pursuing it. Use what you know works, and don’t reinvent the wheel. When things get tough, get tougher.


Agility is being fast and flexible. Know the lay of the land and what lies ahead. Trust your instincts but know when to get creative. Put things together in new ways. Embrace
change and act bravely.


Authenticity is coming from a place of
truth. Be true to yourself and be real with
others. Share the whole picture: the good,
the bad, and the ugly. Set clear
expectations, live by your word, and
always assume good intentions.

Our Story

In 1984, BDS was founded as a field marketing agency by three partners (Baker, Dean, and Sherwood) whose vision was to provide an excellent working environment for employees. They believed that by focusing on putting employees first, their employees would in turn take great care of their clients. The rest was history.

In the early years, BDS was a boutique agency that ran consumer promotions and sampling events. Since then, we have grown to become a leading retail national marketing and sales agency providerin the U.S. We support Fortune 500 brands, world-class manufacturers, and global retailers, with our streamlined suite of integrated solutions, award-winning industry experts, and over 7,000 representatives in our employee base. Today, BDS is a powerhouse agency company that has been built up through a number of notable acquisitions that have allowed us to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs through our network of solutions that influence the consumer purchase journeys.

The first major addition to BDS was in 2006 when we acquired Channel Partners to enrich our Training and Assisted Sales offerings. The following year, Keystone Marketing Specialists was acquired, which added the Flex Force shared model, along with the Retail Access training platform, into our mix of capabilities. In 2013, BDS brought RMSe on board to offer Retail Installation and Construction services as an in-house capability, further expanding our solutions to include Retail Environments.


In 2016, BDS partnered with Apollo Retail Specialists and its equity partners to form BDS Solutions Group, LLC, a platform organization that has allowed us to significantly expand our field team and service offerings to further influence purchase decisions throughout the entire customer shopping journey. Then in 2017, we acquired digital marketing agency, WOWbrands, to form our Digital solution. From social media campaigns and digital advertising, to ecommerce and microsites, our Digital services have enabled us to expand beyond retail to generate demand and further influence sales for our clients. Most recently, in 2018, we acquired award-winning agency, MAG, which launched our Experiential solution, offering services that bring brands to life outside of retail, through personal experiences whether they be pop-up stores, events, tours, trainings or PR stunts.

While the agency has evolved over the years, one thing has never changed: our culture. We continue to have a “work hard, play hard” mentality. On top of that, we are proud to staff amazing teams of people who we call co-workers and friends. We’ve worked our fair share of late nights, weekends and client emergencies, and we have lots of great stories. Just ask any BDSer. Better yet, let’s create a new story together!