Perfecting Your Retail Environment for Black Friday

11.22.2016 Articles

Traditionally, Black Friday is the Super Bowl equivalent for retailers. Although the massive retail holiday has taken a slight dip in popularity lately due to ecommerce; many experts still view it as the biggest retail day of the year. As your physical retail location is not only competing with other locations and the time people want to spend with their families, but they are also competing with your own brand’s online sales. It is more important now than ever to create a dynamic, appealing retail environment for Black Friday.

Know Your Audience

In getting foot traffic to your store on Black Friday, you first need to understand what your target audience is into. Macy’s, for example, understands that many of their shoppers value discount racks, which is why they created Macy’s Backstage. Are your customers younger and into technology? Will they pay anything for your products? What cultural phenomenons are they into?

Create Themes

After an in-depth understanding of your audience, you can move on to creating themed retail displays. Advertising your sales with signage is important, but will it be enough? Are your customers only motivated by price or will they be drawn in by themes and concepts as well? Discounts are important, especially on Black Friday, but if the signs don’t say “FREE” then it would be your best interest to create colorful, high-tech, themed displays that entice the customer.

Inspire Your Workforce

Your employees are a huge part of your retail environment and when thinking about ways to perfect that environment, it’s important not to forget about them. In fact, many retailers who have closed their stores on Thanksgiving out of respect for their employees have actually helped their businesses. Be transparent, be generous, provide incentive and remind your employees to get rest and be patient. Above all, make sure that you recognize them for their hard work; especially on the biggest retail day of the year.


What good is your retail environment if no one knows it’s there? Before, during and after Black Friday, show off your retail displays on social media. Use your understanding of your audience, your elaborate themed displays, and your smiling employees to allure shoppers this season on the appropriate digital channels. Don’t forget to advertise your promotions and discounts!

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