Planting, Nurturing, and Harvesting: Building a Strong Retail Marketing Strategy During the Summer

07.07.2017 Articles

Summer has arrived and like gardening, if you haven’t “planted the seeds” yet for your Q4 retail marketing strategy, it’s time to get started! It’s easy to get caught up in all the fun activities summer brings, but you’ve been here before – time flies by and before you know it, the holidays are here.

While your summer retail marketing strategy should not lose focus on the hot topic, trend, and strategy of the day – you must start preparing for your Q4 programs and sales now. If you’re already getting stressed, don’t fear! Our handy planting, nurturing and harvesting guide below will keep you on track over the summer and help you reap the rewards as fall and winter arrive.

Planting the Seeds: Hiring

When:  July

As your current retail marketing strategy focuses on the summer season, the time is now to start planting the seeds that you’ll reap in Q4. As B.C. Forbes, Scottish Journalist and founder of Forbes Magazine once said: “It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, who reaps a harvest in the Autumn.”

Simply put – if you’re waiting until August or September to execute your Q4 strategy, don’t expect to reap your best harvest when the holidays roll around. The US Labor market has changed resulting in higher employee turnover, rising wages, and unfilled openings. Due to this market shift, securing top talent at competitive rates must start now!

Nurturing the Process: Training

When: August

As the summer progresses, nurture your strategy as it starts to bloom. Now is a great time to invest in training programs for store associates.

Nurturing talent early provides time for ideal product training and brand awareness that will lead to top results during the holiday season.  Retailers will begin hiring seasonal staff during this time and ensuring that their new employees are up to speed on your products and brand message now equips them with the skills to focus on generating sales in Q4.

Harvesting: Selling

When: September

It’s football season and kids are heading back to school across the country. There’s a feeling of change in the air. You should start to be able to reap some of your harvest and see the rewards for all the challenging work you put in over the summer. Your store associates should be fully trained and engaged and your Q4 strategy should be ready to roll out.

As brands continue to become more competitive, the start of the holiday selling season keeps getting pushed up earlier and earlier. By the time school is back in session, you should be ready to focus on sales. You’ve completed your summer of planting, nurturing, and harvesting, but the real work is just beginning.

Need help “planting your seeds” this summer? Contact us to find out how we can help you build a strong retail marketing strategy going into Q4.