IRVINE, CA – APRIL 30, 2024 – BDS Connected Solutions, LLC. was named a Top Workplace for the Work-Life Flexibility category in Top Workplace’s Spring Culture Excellence Awards of 2024. The Top Workplaces program has a 17-year history of surveying and celebrating people-first organizations nationally and across 60 regional markets. The Work-Life Flexibility Award recognizes organizations that excel in providing their employees with exceptional support and flexibility, fostering a workplace where balance and employee well-being are prioritized. This recognition from Top Workplaces is based on direct and valuable feedback obtained anonymously through a comprehensive employee engagement survey. Nearly 50% of BDS’ workforce participated in the survey, which highlighted the effective initiatives implemented to support a flexible work environment. 

BDS’ employees have expressed appreciation for the organization’s ability to adapt to diverse needs, allowing employees to effectively manage personal and professional commitments. “BDS empowers you to use your full potential by providing the flexibility in my schedule and providing the tools and support to get the projects done right,” stated an anonymous BDS employee. “I love this job and this company! The work environment and flexibility offer a great advantage over any other company I’ve worked for in the past,” stated another BDS employee. 

“I can confidently say that the level of flexibility and genuine care for individuals at BDS is unparalleled,” stated Cari Desiderio, SVP of Talent at BDS Connected Solutions. “BDS goes the extra mile to understand and respect the balance between life, family, and individual needs. Our approach isn’t just about work; it’s about recognizing that we work to live, and how we support our teams both in and outside of work is crucial. Special initiatives like keeping Friday afternoons meeting-free and our flexible work schedules are just a couple of ways we cultivate this balance. Our supportive policies and commitment to open communication empower our work environment. A heartfelt thank you to all our teams for their incredible efforts and for making BDS a truly great place to work!”  

“At BDS, our commitment to innovation is at the core of our approach to workplace practices,” stated Del Tanner, CEO of BDS Connected Solutions. “We are continuously refining our strategies and enhancing our programs, drawing on the invaluable insights provided by our team members. Our objective is clear: to ensure that BDS remains a leader in fostering a work culture that values and actively promotes the well-being and satisfaction of every single team member. To achieve this, our initiatives are carefully crafted to enable our employees to thrive professionally while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. As a people-first organization, we prioritize the voices of our people, ensuring that their perspectives shape our path forward.”  

This award celebrates BDS’ current achievements and reinforces its commitment to consistently improve policies and practices. As an organization that aims to set higher standards for work-life balance, BDS attracts top talent and retains valued employees, establishing itself as a preferred workplace and a leader in creating a supportive and flexible work environment. To learn more about finding a career at BDS, visit us at 

About BDS Connected Solutions, LLC.   

Founded in 1984, BDS Connected Solutions has become the industry’s leading marketing and sales solution provider to generate demand and influence sales in the marketplace. The company powers Fortune 100 world-class brands and retailers with a connected mix of Sales & Training, Virtual Engagement, Experiential, Display Management, and Merchandising that exceed clients’ ever-changing needs. As a people-first, digital-led company with a customer-obsessed approach, BDS’ mission is to influence every step of the modern customer journey, whether shoppers are in store, at home, or on the go, and ultimately close the sale. BDS is headquartered in Irvine, California, with a regional office in New York City, New York. To learn more about BDS, visit