Remodeling Your Store: Know Your Options

11.05.2015 Articles

To keep your retail store looking fresh and vibrant, continual maintenance and occasional resets are a must. Stores should be rejuvenated with paint, retail fixture displays, and new lighting every couple of years, while a total remodel packed with new installations should be considered at the 5 year mark. Why? To keep the retail experience modern and convenient for your shoppers.

Customers want to know that your store offers high quality, relevant items. We live amongst a generation that is enamored with visual imaging, slick staging, and trendy styles. If you’re looking to keep your customers engaged and show them you are a modern retailer, or maybe just to generate a better workflow on your retail floor, you may want to consider a mild to moderate remodel. So, what are your options?

Remodel From Scratch: Remodeling a store from scratch is a great way to get exactly what you want out of your floor space. If you aren’t sure where to begin or feel overwhelmed by the thought of a total transformation, BDS can work with you to develop innovative, creative floor plan ideas that encourage happy customers to keep shopping.

It’s important to keep your customers and your brand in mind when remodeling your space. For example, a store selling top of the line appliances might offer a test area where customers could try out a certain model or brand to experience the differences of the product first hand. Or it might be as simple as having a sitting area where they can take a break from shopping and view short videos of the different products to help them select which brand and model will best meet their needs. You want to consider what the ideal shopping experience would look like when remodeling your store from scratch.

Move Things Around: If you’re looking to remodel your store but don’t want to have to worry about the expense of doing a complete overhaul, a simple solution is to shift your shelving and products. A simple shuffle of retail fixture displays, shelving, and props can make your retail store feel like a completely new space.

Remove Moot Displays: Do you have an old display that has been showcasing the same item or holiday for some time now? Customers love retail displays; they are stylish, organized, and able to draw the shopper’s attention to various products in a chic and powerful way. What customers don’t like is seeing the exact same display month after month. One of the easiest ways to revamp the atmosphere of your store is by having a weekly or monthly turnaround for displays or showcase areas in your store. This will keep your storefront feeling fresh and exciting.

Helpful Hint: For very specific item stands or visual displays, be sure to take photos before you move them as an easy reference point for when you restock the stand at a later time.

Remodel With A Flow: Whether you are simply moving your store’s already existing items around, or if you are doing a complete remodel, make sure your floor plan has a purpose. Keep your clothing shelves separated by gender and close to change-rooms. Keep discount or impulse bins near the cash register. If you are selling food items in your store, make sure to bulk similar items in the same aisles. Your store should have an organized flow that makes customers feel structured and at ease.

Remodeling can be frustrating, but keep your head up and focus on the end goal: making your store a more functional place to shop and enhancing your customers’ shopping experience. Always keep in mind the impact that updating your store window displays and retail floor can make in maintaining your current customer base, as well as reaching new customers. No matter what line of business you are in or what type of product you sell, BDS is ready to provide you with fresh ideas and professional services to make sure your remodel accomplishes the goals you set for your store.

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