Resetting Your Store: Transitioning from Black Friday to Christmas

12.01.2015 Articles

Are you finding it hard to keep your store design up-to-date with all of the different holidays this season? The constant updating can get confusing, so we’re here to advise you on the best ways to reset your store from Black Friday to Christmas.

Beginning every October, stores are in a continual state of transition from one holiday to the next – from fall harvest décor to Thanksgiving turkeys to Christmas trees. Updating decorations and staging the store can run you ragged during an already stressful time of year, but planning ahead of time can ease the stress of the season. Retail fixtures and graphic displays can play a major role in making that big transition from Black Friday to Christmas. Make your store festive and inviting by following these simple steps for resetting your store.

Prep Your Store for Christmas

When it comes to Black Friday, you probably have a decent idea of what to do. This year, you planned an e-mail marketing campaign that drove in lots of business, figured out your sales for the day, and staged your store accordingly. So now what do you do to keep up the same momentum for the Christmas season?

  • Change Your Decor. No more turkeys. It’s time for classic Christmas lights and dressed up trees. Whatever your style, your store needs to reflect the fact that Christmas has arrived. Customers love to feel the warmth of holiday décor when shopping. Don’t forget to change your online store’s décor to reflect the holiday as well!
  • Offer Sales. This one almost goes without saying, but during the holiday season shoppers are looking for a deal. Push the envelope with your sales and give your customers well-promoted reasons why they should be shopping with you. Set up displays and utilize end caps to showcase your sale items. Draw attention to your store by using graphics that let customers know what you have to offer.
  • Host Festive Events. Remember, there are plenty of stores competing for customers’ time and attention with lots of holiday sales to take advantage of. So be festive, and be different by hosting a holiday promotion or in-store event. Think Santa, photo opportunities for families, girls’ night out, or a holiday inspired charity drive. Once your event is planned, make sure to staff and stock your store appropriately.
  • Restock Big Sellers. Now that you know which products flew off the shelves for Black Friday, make sure to stock plenty of those items for Christmas shoppers who were late to the game. Not everyone wants to venture out on Black Friday and fight the crowds, so chances are there will still be a lot of people interested in the hot ticket items that went fast on Black Friday.

For customers, holiday shopping can be stressful, or it can be fun. Help your shoppers find the joy in the season by making sure your retail environment is festively decorated and creates a memorable shopping experience!