How do I become a mystery shopper?
Complete the four steps on our mystery shoppers page


Where should I direct questions about mystery shopping?
Contact our Field Coordinator Erin Neally by email [email protected] or phone 800.234.4237 x1201


Where do I find my login and password?
Your login and password were created when you applied to be a mystery shopper. Please visit and select “Forgot your login and password” to obtain new information.


How do I change my address, email address, or other contact information on the website?

  • Login to
  • Select “edit my profile” located on the top left of the assignment page
  • Update appropriate information and submit


What is the correct website for assignments, reports, and other information?
All self assigning of work and report submission is done at


When am I notified of upcoming assignment opportunities?
Assignment opportunities vary by month based on client need. You will be notified via email as to when “Invitation Emails” will be sent.


I received my “Invitation Email”, how do I have BDS assign jobs to me?
It is our policy to have ICs assign themselves work.


How do I assign a store to myself?
Click the link located in the “Invitation Email” and log in. Select and click on the store you want to visit and select “Sign Me Up”.


I received my “Invitation Email” and there are no stores listed. Are they all filled?
Yes, when you do not see any stores listed, then they have already been filled.


Where do I download assignment paperwork, scope of work, etc.?
Login to and select the downloads button located on the top right of your assignment page.


I have a problem with my assignment. Who do I contact?
Please contact Erin Neally for all store assignment questions ([email protected]).


What happens if I can not complete my assignment?
Please contact us if you are not able to fulfill your assignment so we can assign your locations to another IC. Failure to inform us in a reasonable amount of time can result in you being removed from our database for future assignments.


How do I input my report?

  • Go to and enter your login and password and look for the grey bar in the middle of the assignment page
  • Click “edit” located below “call sheet”
  • Enter your store visit information completely
  • Check that your data entry is correct
  • Additional instructions on inputting reports is available in the downloads file located on the top right of your assignment page


Where do I email the photos I have taken?
Please email photos to Erin Neally ([email protected]).


Why can I not see all the questions on the call sheet?
Internet Explorer is required as your web browser to review the entire call sheet.


What does the red bar on the reporting status summary mean?
This red bar indicates that the user has entered data after the visit date.


Why does the red bar show that my reports are late when I entered the reports before the completion date? You have 24 hours to input your report. If you enter your reports after the 24 hours, your report will be considered late, even if you inputted the information before the due date.


What happens if I enter my data after the completion date?
If you do not enter your data before the completion date, you are considered late. Data is pulled the day after the completion date so we can begin to analyze data and prepare reports for our clients. You cannot enter your data after the completion date.


When do I receive my paycheck?
Payroll is distributed every other Tuesday and your paycheck will depend on when you entered reporting. Weeks run Saturday-Sunday.


Do you have direct deposit?
Direct deposit is not available to Independent Contractors.


I did not receive the right amount in my paycheck. Who do I contact?
Please contact Erin Neally for all payroll questions ([email protected]).


Where do I send my Costco or Sam’s Club receipt for reimbursement?
On very rare occasions, we ask our contractors to purchase a membership if they do not already have one so they can conduct mystery shops at these locations. If you are asked to purchase a membership, we will reimburse you. Please scan your receipt and email to Erin Neally ([email protected]) or fax to 949.597.2293. Make sure to include your name on the faxed receipt.