Rule the Game of Retail with a Forest of Brand Advocates

10.22.2015 Articles

Did you know that during the holidays, 44% of consumers purchase gifts from brands they’re loyal to? It’s important to go beyond the typical holiday promotions to capture the attention of shoppers and store associates, but it’s even more imperative to develop true relationships with your target audience and ensure a high level of brand loyalty even after the holiday buzz dies down.

As you plan your retail activation strategy for 2016, think about growing your brand naturally among shoppers and store associates. No artificial marketing boosts. No short-lived incentives or discounts. Instead, tap into a forest of seasoned brand advocates who are passionate about your brand from the beginning and innately know how to influence through word-of-mouth.

With BDS’ Brand Advocacy suite of services, you can grow your own team of brand advocates from scratch. Our talented specialists are sourced with your brand in mind, built to deliver the most memorable customer and associate experience at retail, and trained to spread your brand message like wildfire. For one BDS client, a Brand Advocacy program resulted in a 36% increase in mindshare among store associates and a 25% increase in market share. Overall, establishing a Brand Advocacy program is a simple, organic solution to promoting your brand at retail, while building long-lasting loyalty for your brand among shoppers and store associates.

Activate your brand advocates with BDS to win the Game of Retail today!