Sell the Solution to Maximize Baskets This Holiday Season

11.23.2015 Articles

During the holiday season, we all know that moving product is key to your sales program’s success. However, when customers waltz into stores with a purchase decision already in mind, how do you maximize the sale? Through a “solution selling” approach, you can ensure your customers’ needs are being met, while also addressing those particular needs with additional product solutions. By training retail store associates to sell relevant attachments and pairings, chances are your customers will walk out of stores with bigger baskets this holiday season.

Create Your Own Field of Bigger Baskets with Training

A BDSmktg client sought to maximize their sales per customer during the 2014 holiday season. During in-store visits, our training specialists taught store associates how to showcase the client’s product along with relevant and compatible accessories so it was a product solution that shoppers couldn’t pass up. The result? 80% of the client’s product sales included an accessory. 

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