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The Social Situation

The influencer marketing industry is on track to be worth
up to $15 billion by 2022.

49% of consumers
depend on influencer

Social 2

40% have purchased something
after seeing it on Twitter, YouTube
or Instagram.

Social 3

Nano-influencers have
5x the engagement rate
of celebrities.

Cut Through the Content Clutter

and create brand fans with experts that people know and trust!

Get Real Experts with Real Influence
That Drive Real Results.

Build buzz around your brand in the most authentic way possible: through trusted experts that have highly engaged, nano-sized social followings. Brandfluencers are:

Brandfluencers are:

  • Pre-vetted category and lifestyle experts
  • Already fans of your brand (ensured by a Brand Advocacy Rating)
  • Savvy content creators that personalize campaign messages to their audience and/or region
  • Specialized in specific social media platforms and content types
  • Flexible to support your brand on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis


Get Real Experts with Real Influence That Drive Real Results.

The Path to Brandfluencer Activation is Simple!

Simply define your product or service category and what goal you would like to accomplish—whether it’s to simply connect with your audience or drive product sales we’ll help you choose the right experts to fit your needs.

Once your Brandfluencer has been selected it’s time to decide which activities are right for you! Anything from unboxing your latest product reveal, offering live online trainings and tutorials or even creating a buzz through virtual events.

Create a Buzz

Build Online Fandom
Get Ahead of the Curve.

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