The Dark Store, Re-imagined

The Retail Situation

Consumers are rethinking what’s important to them when
choosing the brands and products they support.

of consumers believe in
social media’s power to
connect people.

want brands to connect
with them online.


will buy more from a
brand they feel
connected to.

Engage and Sell Anywhere Your Customer Is.

To navigate this new chapter, brands need to listen and respond to the new consumer expectations and industry trends, and ultimately pivoting the way they sell their products.

By evolving the dark store concept, powering it with technology, and adding a layer of personalization, brands can show up with a digital door for shoppers to walk through.

Quickly Extend Your Store Experience Online.

No longer should e-commerce be a siloed, omni-lacking shopping experience. Instead, we’re virtually bringing brands and consumers together in a physically distanced world through BrightShops.

By opening up your own unique BrightShop online, you’ll enable customers to shop your brand in a digitally optimized environment, all while being personally guided by a product expert through video.

Create a Buzz

Build Online Fandom
Get Ahead of the Curve.

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