Five Surprising Things That Happened On Black Friday

12.13.2016 Articles

Written by Nicole Galang, Marketing Specialist

Black Friday is easily one of the most anticipated retail days of the year. Any time you have a mass amount of people flocking to stores with dreams of deals and discounts, interesting things are bound to happen. Here are five surprising stories that caught our attention from this year’s Black Friday.

Ruthless shoppers trashed a Nike store on Black Friday.

Despite the boom in online shopping, this Nike store is evidence that the Black Friday craze in retail isn’t going away anytime soon. We’re pretty sure that Nike, and any other stores that saw their fair share of discount-hungry shoppers, could use some Merchandising assistance after Black Friday!

A Target manager gave the best pre-Black Friday pep talk ever.

Now, that’s a speech! This Target manager did Black Friday right with a rousing, animated speech to get his team excited, engaged, and ready to meet their customers with a smile.

Compared to other retailers, Sears and Kmart were mostly empty.

Sears and Kmart did not see the same results as their competitors on Black Friday. Unfortunately, their stores were mostly empty due to their lack of TV deals that used to be a staple for those particular retailers on Black Friday. Sears and Kmart instead mostly hosted shoppers that were trying to find some last-minute Turkey day supplies.

Canada had a calm Black Friday across the border.

While there was a long line of people waiting outside at this Best Buy in Montreal, once the doors opened, they calmly entered the store as employees clapped excitedly for them. Civilized shoppers on Black Friday? Who knew that could happen!

The Humane Society of Indianapolis ran out of pets to adopt.

Did you think that only retail stores were getting these big lines? People waited outside the Humane Society of Indianapolis as they conducted their own Black Friday deal; waiving any animal adoption fees for that day.

Each year, Black Friday never fails to bring surprises; whether it’s amazing electronic deals or unexpected heroes of retail rising to the occasion. Whether you have your own surprising story to share or need some assistance with recovering or transitioning your retail store into the coming holidays and New Year, feel free to contact us with any of your questions or inquiries!