Ten Tips for Surviving Black Friday (As Told by Ron Swanson)

11.20.2018 Articles

Here at BDSmktg, to say we’re slightly obsessed with Black Friday is an understatement. For many of our clients, it’s the biggest selling day of the year and the official kick-off to holiday sales. For our BDSers who represent our clients in stores, it can be one long crazy day making sure our clients’ products are front and center, store associates have the assistance they need, and customers are efficiently guided towards the right brands.

To mentally and physically prepare for the mecca of all shopping days, we’ve tapped into a man of simple tastes, the king of meat (especially bacon), Director of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department, and one of our BDSers’ favorite spirit characters, Ron Swanson. If you’re working on Black Friday, here are ten tips to not only surviving, but thriving on the big day:

1. Start the day with a hearty breakfast.

2. Get pumped up on the drive over to the store.

3. While it might be tempting at times, don’t avoid the customers.

4. Offer assistance to Black Friday shoppers even if they already know what they want.

5. Get to know your audience before recommending a product.

6. Sometimes, it’s best to let the product speak for itself.

7. Ensure your customer leaves with a positive experience.

8. Celebrate the small wins.

9. Don’t forget back-up snacks for fuel throughout the day.

10. Remember to have fun!

Good luck to all our teams out there – we know you’ll hit the sales out of the park! If you’re looking to join in on the holiday fun at BDSmktg, visit our Careers page to check out our available openings in your area.