Six Types of Shoppers You Encounter During the Holidays

12.16.2016 Articles

Written by Nicole Galang, Marketing Specialist

Over the years, we’ve seen trends come and go, but one thing that stays evergreen are interesting holiday shoppers. Read on for a list of some of the memorable holiday types we always see out and about during the holiday season!

1. The overachiever who has a meticulous list of perfectly chosen gifts and a battle plan for buying them.

You: “I’ve already laid out my plan of attack for the gifts. Here’s a printed excel sheet and a map and schedule of what stores we’re hitting first.” 

Me: “… It’s September.” 

2. The Black Friday aficionado who lives for finding the best deals.

NBC fight fighting shopping black friday

You’ll probably find them in the electronics aisle trying to pull a discounted TV away from you. 

3. The volunteer who has already donated your gift on your behalf.

Mic news autism employment helping others

“You are now the proud sponsor of an elephant in Thailand!” 

4. The do-it-yourselfer who has a huge Pinterest board of gift ideas.

Image result for do it yourself gif

“I’m knitting gloves and socks for everyone with their names cross stitched in their favorite color.”

5. The online shopper who sends their gifts straight to people’s houses.

excited internet apple computer laptop

It’s called Amazon Prime and it’s amazing.” 

6. The buzzer beater who will join the panicked crowds of people who forgot about gifts

South Park scared run fear group

What do you mean it’s December 24? WHO SAID IT WAS DECEMBER 24?!”