The Event Producer Lens: The Hybrid Work Model’s Influence on Event Marketing

04.27.2023 Articles
By Maria Infante, Marketing Specialist

As hybrid work environments become the new expectation of the workplace, hybrid events are becoming more popular as we slowly migrate to a post-pandemic world. In a study from Accenture Research, 83% of workers around the globe prefer the hybrid work model, and that demand in the workplace has transcended into other facets of daily life such as the ability to attend and host events and options for education. The hybrid model has allowed more people access to experiences that otherwise wouldn’t be available to them due to reasons such as distance, transportation issues, and disabilities. It also allows for more inclusive audiences to be a part of a wider range of opportunities. With the rising demand for more flexibility and hybrid opportunities in the workplace, event producers are borrowing these methods to orchestrate successful hybrid events to help brands boost their engagement and reach wider audiences.

When it comes to events, a mere 18.9% of all events were hybrid or virtual before the pandemic. In the post-pandemic climate, the numbers have escalated significantly. According to a Market Analysis Report from Grand View Research, experts estimate that hybrid and virtual events will grow to approximately a 366-billion-dollar industry by 2027. As event producers, it’s our job to create experiences that meet the demands of this new hybrid market and devise new and innovative ideas that cater to both in-person and virtual attendees.

There are a few key things to keep in mind when balancing the attendance of two audiences and creating equally meaningful experiences. One is making sure that the virtual portion of your event has an engagement piece that will entice people to want to come to the next event in-person.

The element that is most present in an in-person event is naturally going to be the interactive components. Not just with other eventgoers around them, but with the entertainers, keynote speakers and thought leaders that they’re there to see as well. Webinar is the most effective video channel statistically speaking for virtual events. Nine out of ten marketers who hosted a webinar, said that it was effective. Bringing that interactive element to the virtual audience by way of contests, giveaways, or virtual meet and greets and panel sessions, are an integral piece to producing a successful hybrid event to make your virtual audience feel just as engaged in the event as those who are there in person. This will ensure that you’re not subjecting your virtual attendees to feeling left out by making them watch your onsite attendees at an interactive networking session.

Another recommendation from Ben Chodor, author of Transitioning to Virtual and Hybrid Events, is to give your virtual audience something more. For example, giving the audience glimpses of the action going on behind the scenes of an event by setting up cameras in places that only the virtual audience gets to see.

Part of the reason hybrid events work so well is due to convenience and flexibility. Having an on-demand feature in your virtual event is key to accommodating those who may not be able to attend the event right when it starts, or for those who may need to take multiple breaks throughout an event.

As we continue to expand into new hybrid spaces that allow people to explore new experiences for work, events, and education, the demand for flexible and virtual solutions will continue to climb. Our experiential solution at BDS is committed to continuing to drive and innovate the future of hybrid event experiences while catering to the needs of both in-person and virtual audiences.

Whether you’re looking to host an event for consumers of your brand or create a meaningful virtual experience for your hardworking employees, BDS’ experiential marketing team will craft a memorable event that leaves your audience wanting more. Connect with us to find out how we can boost customer and employee engagement and deliver successful hybrid, virtual, and in-person events.

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