What Is Product Merchandising? Useful Tips To Achieve Success At Retail

06.22.2022 Articles
By Desmone Lawson, Marketing Intern & Sargena Narsa, PR & Communications Content Specialist

Have you ever been walking around the mall, aimlessly window shopping when the next thing you know you find yourself testing out the features on the latest iPhone? Were you unknowingly drawn into the store by the inviting, bright lights and pleasing aesthetic of the retail store? If so, you have experienced the wonders of product merchandising.

The intentional display of items, and all experiential elements that include getting shoppers to try out products or simply getting visitors to interact with the products. The store layout, displays, and product positioning all play a role in product merchandising.

Why Is Product Merchandising Useful?

With the market being overly saturated and highly competitive, standing out at retail might seem impossible. Effective product merchandising strategies will help your brand stand out in a crowd of competition – attracting and engaging shoppers and passersby.

When shoppers enter a retail store, they are able to interact with the visual elements of the products, including, colors, shapes, and sizes. The intentional setup of the products on display is crucial to driving sales as well as keeping shoppers engaged.

Even when shopping online, consumers interact with all these elements. Product merchandising plays an important role in how customers will remember your brand.

Product merchandising is the first thing that captures the attention of shoppers by placing an emphasis on the best features and benefits of a brand’s product. What is the first thing you notice when you walk into a fragrance and cosmetics store?

For example, shoppers notice the scent of the store and the overall store design, which provides an engaging and memorable experience. Shoppers can physically interact with the products by testing sample products, helping contribute to consumer engagement and sales.

Tips To Achieve Successful Product Merchandising

When it comes to product merchandising, every detail matters. Having a proper display setup can make or break a sale. Your brand can achieve success in retail with the following product merchandising strategies:

Window displays – In a way, windows are the eyes to your store’s soul…Effective and eye-catching window displays are necessary when trying to catch the attention of passersby. With aesthetically pleasing window displays that give shoppers a taste of your brand’s identity and product line, you will be able to get more shoppers in the store.

Lighting – Does your brand’s identity gravitate towards dimmed lights or bright lights? Depending on the mood you are trying to set, lighting will play a key role in product merchandising.

Interactive displays – Engaging and interacting with demo products allows shoppers to touch, see, feel, and smell the product, making them more likely to make a purchase.

Promo materials – Retailers that focus on promotional and advertising materials can attract a greater audience. By strategically placing these promotional materials within retail stores, your brand or product will catch the eye of shoppers, and ultimately convert them into customers.

Why Do Brands Focus on Product Display?

Your product display plays an essential role in how accessible your products are for customers to find. Product merchandising ensures that the customer can find exactly what they are looking for and purchase the right product for their needs.

Product placement in retail stores is necessary for brands to pull in their target audience. It allows the products to be well remembered and immediately consumed. The purpose of product merchandising is to meet the customer with the best products at the right time for customers.

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