Our “Favorite Things” Series Part 1: What BDSers Are Thankful For

11.21.2017 Articles
By Nicole Galang, Marketing Specialist, BDSmktg

What are you thankful for in your life? With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it’s that time of year where we reflect on the past year, appreciate those around us, and give thanks for little successes, big moments, and treasured memories. As part of our latest blog series called “Our Favorite Things”, our BDSers share what they’re grateful for this Thanksgiving!

Our Families

One of the most common things that people are thankful for in their lives are their families. Our BDSers were no exception, with several expressing gratitude for the health and happiness of their families:

“My children, family and friends.  Health and happiness is something we are always thankful for as well.” – Denise L., Client Service Manager

“That I am going to be a Grandma sometime in November!” – Tina R., Field Operations Manager

“My health, my partner, my children and grandchildren and a positive life. You have to start where happiness begins, and you should be grateful every day.” – Sharon M., Dedicated Field Representative

“I am thankful that my family is healthy and doing well this year.” – Joseph S., Senior Retail Associate

Big Moments

As another year passes, it’s always strange to think of how your life has changed, even in just a short span of a year. For some of our BDSers, they were thankful for some life-changing moments that happened to them in 2017:

“Our first baby on the way! Due Christmas Day!” – David S., Market Development Manager

“This year has encompassed a lot of changes. I took a new job, my roommates moved out while my significant other moved in. We also remodeled the house ourselves and now it’s unrecognizable (and took three months), and got a new family dog. I normally really don’t like change, but I am very thankful for the positive improvements this year has brought and the good place I am in in life.” – Lindsey G., Manager

Small Successes

There were many BDSers who were appreciative of some of the small successes they had this year:

“To be living in a peaceful environment, and having a family who I love and a big floppy dog named Caleb.” – Suze L., Dedicated Field Rep

“I am thankful for getting the SNES mini classic console to share the experience of super Nintendo with my nephews.” – Joseph B., Retail Associate

“I have so much to be thankful for! I am always most thankful for my family and close friends, my health, and the ability to get out and experience life!” – Alia W., Senior Recruiting Manager

Our Company & Work

But one thing that our BDSers had in common was their gratitude for the place they work and all the wonderful things that come from it:

“I am thankful that I have found a company that values me as a person and not a number. And that my opinion matters.” – Michael W., Regional Coordinator

“A wonderful job for myself, and my husband, that allows us to enjoy and take care of our family.” – Jessica W., Results Specialist

“Having a job, my car, and waking up every day.” – Myrisah R., Support Specialist

Lastly, we at BDS are equally thankful for all the hard work and dedication that everyone at our company puts in, day in and day out! Interested in joining us and adding your job to the list of things you’re grateful for? Check out our Career Pages for more information and stay tuned for the rest of our “Favorite Things” series featuring our favorite thing, our BDSers!