Three Steps to Consider When Opening or Remodeling Your Retail Store

08.03.2016 Articles

Whether you’re new to retail, expanding to another location, or just need to update the look and feel of your store, designing your store environment can be a challenging process. It may be tempting to simply draw up plans based on what your competition is doing. But, in order to set yourself up for long-term success, your store flow should be based on your unique goals. If it’s been a while since you’ve designed a store layout, take some time to thoughtfully research and plan your ideal space.

Here are three important steps to consider before moving forward with a new store or remodel:

Step 1: Establish Your Floor Plan

All floor plans have their pros and cons, so it’s important to evaluate which will best suit the needs and goals for your retail store. When deciding what type of floor plan to use, ask yourself questions like “Where do I want my customers to spend most of their time?” or “How do I want customers to walk through and experience my store?” Understanding why shoppers come to your store, and how they shop, are important to consider during the planning stage. Ask yourself questions, like the ones we listed above, to help envision your desired traffic flow, and pinpoint the best floor plan for your goals.

Step 2: Decide Where to Put Your Products 

Once you have determined a floor plan, you’ll want to begin thinking about the size and placement of both your aisles and products. Aisles should lead customers specifically to where you want them to go, and must be wide enough for compliance with the ADA (American Disabilities Act). When deciding where you will place certain products, look for ways to maximize wall and floor space. Use product placement to show customers more of what you have to offer, drawing them deeper into your store.

Step 3: Create Your Signage and Displays

Now that you have determined your floor plan and the size and placement of aisles and products, you can begin thinking about signage and displays. Having a well thought-out store with a seamless traffic flow is great, but now is the time to concentrate on getting people in your store. Attract passersby’s both in the car and on foot with attractive signage and window displays that grab attention and pique curiosity – inviting them to come in and discover your products.

Planning a new store or remodeling an existing one can feel overwhelming if you aren’t sure where to begin. For over 30 years, BDSmktg has been creating a memorable retail experiences for our clients. From interior build-outs to fixture and graphic installation, we’ve got a team of professionals ready to assist you in your project every step of the way. Check out our full suite of Retail Environment services to see what we can do for you!