Experiential Marketing

Bring your brand directly to your customers
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human-powered experiences.

Experiential Marketing Goes Virtual.

With the lasting impacts of a global pandemic creating a need for everything virtual, companies have shifted their attention toward producing accessible content in a digital format. Some brands struggled with this transition; others were more prepared to pivot, such as our leading VR client.

The Bottom Line For Everyone? Capture The Attention of Consumers.

In the midst of implementing livestreams, virtual events, video-on-demand (VOD), and elements of augmented reality (AR), businesses effectively overwhelmed their clientele with more and more of the same material.

BDS adds value to traditional experiential marketing by posing the difficult question: “how do we stand out from the rest?”

Pivoting To The Hybrid Model.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but consumers show an increasing preference towards in-person options, like in-store shopping. After a year of virtual-only options, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that people want to physically interact in their communities.

Strategies in experiential marketing combine the physical and the digital aspects for a unique encounter with a company. Not only does the method focus on the overall experience it aims to imprint upon customers, but it involves some risk and daring ideas.

Numerous companies have come out of the woodwork showcasing creative, bold ideas that more successfully connect customers with their brand in a memorable way.*

Back in 2017, the company created 29 interactive “playhouse” rooms for customers to explore, each designed with their brand partners. People voluntarily posted all over social media, boosting organic traffic.

The Canadian shoe & apparel company opened a store with an innovative design concept, allowing the space for an indoor “performance playground” to test the durability of their merchandise on-site.

Used AR to gamify their mobile shopping. Consumers enjoyed collecting tokens to trade in for discounts on beauty products or virtual consultations.

Players of the videogame Roblux had access to a virtual Chipotle store within the game, along with the tempting possibility (if within first 30,000 attendees) of getting a voucher for a free burrito.

* Brands shown as examples and do not represent work done by BDS Connected Solutions

These experiential marketing campaigns range widely in style and approach while accomplishing higher levels of success with the public and getting everyone in touch their distinct brand. That’s why at BDS, our job is to prioritize your brand’s vision and craft outside-the-box solutions. If you aren’t sure where to begin, we can talk about holistic market development and strategy to help identify your key areas of growth.

In the past, we’ve fostered cohesive relationships with clients locally in Irvine, California as well as internationally. Here at BDS, examples of past collaborations, such as De’Longhi and Garmin, show how we approach and overcome challenges, share our experiential marketing mindset, and achieve unique, successful solutions.

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