Three Ways to Increase Your Wearable Technology Sales This Year

02.03.2016 Articles

Are you ready to ramp up your retail display solutions in 2016? We’re all accustomed to, and maybe even a little tired of, the “New Year, New You” motto that marketers and advertisers use year in and year out. However, if you are in the wearable technology industry, the latest insights from our Business Intelligence team will have you jumping on the marketing bandwagon.

In a Nielsen-conducted survey on 2015 New Year’s Resolutions, 37% of respondents said they made a resolution to “stay fit and healthy” while 32% said “lose weight” was their main resolution. These statistics shouldn’t be surprising, though, since those two resolutions tend to be at the top of the list every year. So, how does all of this tie into wearable technology?

The Nielsen survey continued on to show that consumers plan to use their smartphones, calorie trackers, websites, or fitness watches to help them achieve those goals. This means that people will be actively seeking out wearable technology devices for the New Year. In fact, the wearable technology market value is forecast to grow $6.88 billion (U.S. dollars) by 2017, and $8.3 billion by 2018.

Do we have you wondering how you can take advantage of this trend? Here are our top three recommendations on how you can increase your wearable technology sales this New Year.

Retail Display Solutions & Wearables

  1. Tell them what you have to offer

Let customers know that you have the products they are looking for. Use graphic signage in your retail channels to market your wearable technology offerings and catch the eye of wandering customers. Send out emails showing your products and highlight the benefits of each. If you want customers to buy, you first have to let them know what you have. And since they’re already looking, there’s no better time to grab their attention.

  1. Have a knowledgeable sales team

When customers are shopping for wearable technology, you can bet that they’ve already done their homework. They’ve researched, asked friends and family, and have narrowed down their choices. Customers will expect knowledgeable, informed sales associates who can answer any last minute questions they might have. Prepare retail sales associates with the right knowledge by sending in product training experts to educate them on the differences and selling points of your product.

  1. Showcase your wearables

Make your products easy to locate by showcasing your fitness-related wearable technology near the front of retail stores. If you aren’t able to obtain that space, position your display in an area of the store that makes the most sense to customers. Train associates on where the display is located so that they can direct customers to the right area, and staff the display with brand ambassadors who will deliver a memorable shopping experience to your customers. Influence their buying decisions by ensuring your product is making a strong brand statement and is presented in a visually appealing way.

Be smart this New Year and take advantage of your customers’ health and fitness resolutions. If you have a product that meets their needs, make sure they know about it. Your sales and your customers will both benefit when you take the time to connect shoppers to the products they want and need.