The Value of a Multi-Solution Partner

05.23.2017 Articles

In recent years, the value of a partner that offers multiple solutions to influence consumer decisions has increased because the purchase ecosystem has become more complicated than ever before. Think of all the touchpoints you need to hit with consumers. Not only do your shopping environments now need to drive memorable experiences, but it’s also essential to connect with consumers through a variety of online and offline channels. This means you need an all-encompassing strategy that delivers sell-through, category share, B2B sell-in, brand affinity, product readiness, display integrity and more. On top of that, data and insights also play significant roles in making business decisions. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was one partner that could do it all and do it well?

Here are three key reasons why bringing a multi-solution partner on board is the way to go when it comes to influencing consumer decisions:


Because the purchase ecosystem is more complex, there are now many moving parts with multiple entry points into the consumer journey. It’s not a linear, 1 -2 -3 step process like it used to be in the good old days. That’s when a partner with multiple solutions under one roof comes in to save the day: with specialized teams and capabilities to support everything you need inside and outside of retail, you can activate each piece of the consumer journey simply and seamlessly through one partner no matter where your target consumer is in the purchase decision process.


It’s always easier to get things done when you work with the same partner across a variety of channels; familiarity is produced and strong relationships are formed. When you call your partner, it should be just like calling a good friend. Developing a deeper relationship with a multi-solution partner allows them to become an expert on your brand, products, and services so that they’ll be able to consider all aspects of your business and chart the course of action before you even ask.


How many times have things been lost in translation when you’re dealing with multiple vendors? We’re pretty sure you’ve been there before. For example, your new campaign is supposed to launch tomorrow, but your updated campaign materials haven’t reach store associates yet. You launched a new product with an expensive end cap, but the corresponding signage hasn’t arrived yet. Your displays are being installed this month, but one of your product demos isn’t working properly. All these scenarios occur because each piece of the puzzle is owned by a different vendor. With one partner to communicate and work with, there is less room for confusion and errors.

As you consider partners to work with, it’s essential to choose an agency with various areas of specialization, experts that you enjoy working with, and overarching values that align with your own. Many claim to be “one-stop shops”, however, they don’t have specialized teams dedicated to each solution to ensure you are getting the very best outcomes for your spend.

At BDSmktg, our clients not only value the variety of integrated retail marketing and sales solutions that we offer, but also our more than 30 years of industry experience, specialized service teams, award-winning in-house experts, and field network of over 7,000 representatives. We believe that the foundation to all successful partnerships is authenticity, agility, and achievement. When you’re looking for a multi-solution partner to design a custom strategy that achieves your unique business goals, look no further than BDS.