5 Tips for Choosing the Right Merchandising Partner

04.17.2023 Articles
By Sargena Narsa, PR & Communications Content Specialist

The way your brand is presented at retail plays a crucial role in attracting customers and driving sales. 67% of consumers walk out of a retail store empty-handed if they are unable to find the product they are looking for. Utilizing retail merchandising strategies is necessary to create an engaging shopping experience that drives sales, while increasing brand loyalty.  

Whether you are launching a new product line or optimizing your existing retail space, finding the right retail merchandising company is essential for maximizing your potential. In this article, we will discuss the 5 key steps involved in finding the right retail merchandising company that best suits your brand.  

1. Determine Your Needs 

Before you begin your search for the right merchandising company, determine your specific needs. Consider the following questions: 

  • What are your merchandising goals? 
  • What are the challenges you are facing?  
  • What are your specific needs?
  • What is your timeline?
  • What is your budget? 

Answer these questions to create a list of requirements that will help guide your search and narrow down potential partners.  

2. Research Potential Partners  

Now that you know exactly what you need out of a Merchandising partner, you can start looking for companies with notable clients and a proven track record of success. With nearly 40 years of merchandising experience, BDS values building lasting relationships and partnerships with top brands and retailers. Whether your brand is looking for end cap displays, signage placements, or retail resets, BDS’ Merchandising team is ready to elevate your brand to the next level.  

BDS delivers real results for world-class brands. See it for yourself… 

  • 100% accuracy on display messaging 
  • 99%+ visit completion rates 
  • 97% display compliance
  • 90% reduction in retail escalation calls

3. Evaluate Experience and Expertise  

When assessing potential retail merchandising companies, consider their knowledge and proficiency in your particular industry. Search for companies that have worked with businesses similar to yours and have demonstrated a history of success. Request case studies, testimonials, and connect with past clients to understand the company’s expertise level and customer support. 

Besides experience, assess the company’s skill set in specific retail merchandising aspects, such as visual merchandising, product positioning, and display creation. At BDS, we value transparency. We provide an array of solution case studies on our website at: Case Studies | Retail Readiness | BDS Marketing (bdssolutions.com)  

BDS’ Merchandising team are retail experts. Our field teams leverage relationships with store leaders, develop deep understandings of operational guidelines, and manage all elements of your product presence – to ensure your brand and product presence stand out above your competition. 

4. Consider Communication and Customer Service 

Effective communication and client service are vital when partnering with a retail merchandising company. Partner with a company that appreciates open, honest communication and is attentive to your requirements and concerns.  

Examine the company’s approach to client communication, including their favored communication channels and response durations. Choose a company that provides dedicated account managers and a well-defined escalation procedure for addressing any concerns or issues.

BDS provides a Client Service Manager, a dedicated point of contact, to support each merchandising project. Our Client Service Managers partner with your brand, retailer, and supply chain partners to provide you with timely communication and higher compliance that drives real results.  

5. Evaluate Culture Fit 

Ultimately, assessing the cultural compatibility between your business and the retail merchandising company is essential. Search for a company that aligns with your values and grasps your brand’s identity. A company that shares your vision and mission will be more capable of developing a merchandising plan that mirrors your brand and connects with your clients. Examine the company’s culture, principles, and attitude towards customer service. Seek out a company that is enthusiastic about their work and dedicated to producing top-notch results. 

By assessing the company’s experience, proficiency, cost structure, communication, and cultural compatibility, you can identify a partner who will provide an engaging shopping experience that boosts sales and loyalty. 

Are you ready for a new Merchandising partner? To learn more about BDS’ Merchandising solutions, visit Retail Merchandising Services & Solutions By BDS (bdssolutions.com)  

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