Buzzworthy Insights – Holiday Shopping Season Approaches

09.06.2022 Buzzworthy Insights
By BDS Strategy and Analytics

Holiday Shopping Season Approaches

Holiday shopping season is shaping up to be one of the earliest seen. Primarily driven by 70% of shoppers indicating they are looking for more deals and sales this year to help save money, 47% plan to start buying between September and October, according to a new report from LTK. Mobile and online shopping will see a great share of visitors, 53% plan to do a majority of their shopping online, and 86% plan to shop from their phones, with Millennials planning to do a majority of their shopping on their phone. Self-care will be a top category this year, 61% plan to spend more or the same on shopping for themselves and their homes, with the top categories being candles, décor, and electronics. (View source)

Teens & Mental Health

The mental health crisis won’t stop until it is addressed, as 1 in 6 US kids between the ages of 6 and 17 experience a mental health disorder, the need for tech to help lingers. Teens have been turning to technology and online communities to address these issues or just find an escape, surprisingly, 60% of youth turn to social media when battling loneliness, and 70% indicate that technology has positively impacted their mental health. When addressing mental health care, 68% of teens prefer to have 24/7 access to on-demand mental health care rather than in-person set events. (View source)

Crypto as Payment

Despite recent cryptocurrency plummets, owners of respective currencies are wanting to use them for purchases as 80% of crypto owners want to pay for goods but are held back by a lack of acceptance from companies, according to new research from Paysafe. 91% believe online crypto payment will be as common as paying by card, 59% hope this happens within the next 5 years. Insider intelligence predicts that 33.7 million US adults will own at least one cryptocurrency by the end of 2022. In terms of purchasing, crypto owners are wanting to buy “treats for themselves” (75%), cars (74%), and property (74%). (View source)

Data & Revenue Growth

Getting data in a timely manner is a focus of many companies. According to a new report from DataStax, 78% of technology leaders agreed real-time data is a “must-have” not a “nice to have”, 71% can tie their revenue growth directly to real-time data, and 66% with a focus on real-time data said developer productivity also increased. Not only do 42% experience a transformative impact on revenue growth from setting a strategic focus on real-time data, 34% see improved customer satisfaction, and increased market share (31%). (View source)

Life Sciences & the Metaverse

Life science leaders are beginning to see the impact the Metaverse can have on not only patient health but training new doctors. 91% of medical technology executives and 85% of biopharma executives expect the Metaverse to have a positive impact on their organizations, nearly half of biopharma executives believe it will have a breakthrough or transformational impact on their organizations. Nearly all executives surveyed agreed their organization is pivoting in response to the computing power that is becoming available. (View source)

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